Frequently asked questions

Toyota Hybrid

How often do Hybrid batteries need replacing?

The batteries in our Hybrids are designed to last the lifetime of the car. From new, all Hybrid components benefit from our five-year/100,000km* warranty. When your Hybrid passes its Hybrid Health Check, it will be eligible for a further one-year/15,000km* of Hybrid Battery Extended Care.  *Whichever is soonest.

Can the Hybrid battery be recycled?

Yes. Your nearest Toyota Authorised Repairer can help in the removal and disposal of the Hybrid battery. Since the EU Directive 2006/66/EC was adopted in 2006, the final treatment companies responsible for recycling our nickel metal hydride batteries found in cars like our Yaris Hybrid, are legally required to meet a target recycle weight of 50%.

What happens if my battery runs out of charge?

There’s no fear of a Toyota Hybrid running out of charge as it charges itself as you drive. The sophisticated system continually monitors the petrol engine and battery and seamlessly switches between each when necessary.

Is it expensive to service a Hybrid?

It costs about the same to service a Hybrid as a conventional Toyota and can be carried out by any Toyota Authorised Repairer. In fact, some parts like brake pads may in fact wear less due to the benefits of a Hybrid’s regenerative braking.

Can a Hybrid continue to run on electricity when it runs out of fuel?

No. Although our full-Hybrids are designed to operate in electric-only modes, they have not been designed to run without petrol. Doing so could cause severe damage to the Hybrid system.

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