That’s right. Our Hybrid cars have always been the eco-friendly choice.

34 million tonnes of CO2 saved

34 million tonnes of carbon dioxide have been saved by Toyota Hybrid vehicles and by the time Prius reaches 93,000 miles it will have emitted 37% less CO2 than comparable diesel cars. The air quality is also much better.

The ecofriendly choice, just a few of the reasons you should consider hybrid
1.2 billion litres of fuel saved

1.2 billion litres of the stuff has been saved compared to petrol cars of the same size.

Ahead of the game

Toyota has always been ahead of the game. In fact, our latest Hybrids outperformed the EU’s 2014 criteria for emissions before it was even announced.

Ay Carumba!

The greenhouse gases that have been saved by Hybrid cars are environmentally equivalent to planting 110,000sqkm of trees. That’s an area bigger than Cuba - Ay Carumba

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