Paintwork care

Stone-chipped paintwork and accidental scratches happen all too often on today’s busy roads and in crowded car parks. Unfortunately, even a small blemish can develop into a bigger problem if left untreated. Toyota paintwork care products provide the solution. They are easy to use and offer a convenient way of repairing minor damage.

Toyota StickerFix

Toyota StickerFixare stick-on-peel-off paint patches for repairing minor scratches and stone-chip damage. They are a simple, cost-effective alternative to costly re-painting or bodywork.

  • Easy to use. Simply clean the damage then apply the StickerFix patch. 
  • Remove the adhesive backing film to leave a high quality repair. 
  • High quality. High-tech system using flexible adhesive film coated with Toyota approved paint.
  • Choose your colour. Available in a wide range of Toyota car colours.
  • Cost-effective. An alternative to costly re-painting or bodywork.
  • Safe for the environment. Save resources and kind to the environment.
Touch-up pencil

The quick and easy way to restore paintwork damaged by small accidental scratches. 

  • Two-part process produces a durable, professional finish. 
  • Fast drying (10 minute) water-based paint pencil to treat the damage. 
  • Fast drying (20 minute) clear coat to seal the repair. 
  • Fully hardened for polishing after just 48 hours. 
  • for all current Toyota car colours
Touch-up aerosol

An easy to use home system for repairing larger paintwork scuffs and scrapes. 

  • Durable fade resistant formulation
  • Spray-on base coat to restore the paintwork colour damage. 
  • Spray-on clear coat to seal the repair and leave a resilient finish. 
  • Available for all current Toyota car colours.
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