Toyota stickerfix™

Fix it yourself

When a small paint scratch marks the finish of your Toyota, there's now an easy way to fix it yourself with new Toyota stickerfix™.

An almost imperceptible repair

Toyota stickerfix™ is a set of pre-cut adhesive patches that can simply be placed over scratches and scrapes for a smooth, durable, almost imperceptible repair. Toyota stickerfix™ sheets, which can be bought from your local Toyota centre, are available in every Toyota paint colour. And with 33 different patches in each pack, you'll easily find the right size.

Making a minor paintwork repair with Toyota stickerfix™ is simplicity itself. Just clean the area, apply the adhesive film, and smooth it down - that's it. To see how easy it is, watch this short demonstration.

The adhesive film has been designed and tested with the same stringent standards as every Toyota Genuine Accessory. Toyota stickerfix™ is resistant to UV radiation, extreme heat and cold, carwashes and spilt fuel. And if you ever need to remove the film, simply peel it off with the aid of a hairdryer.

  • Toyota stickerfix™ can also be used to avoid scratches in the first place, giving added protection for vulnerable areas such as door edges. 
  • Purchase Toyota stickerfix™ from your nearest Toyota centre now, and discover the easy way to restore that perfect showroom finish

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