Brake pads and brake discs

The braking system is the most important safety feature within your Toyota. The ability to stop and slow especially in poor driving conditions or emergencies depends entirely on the performance of your brakes.

How does your braking system work?

When you apply pressure to your car’s brake pedal, brake fluid pressurises to the caliper pistons on each wheel’s hub. This forces a brake pad to press against both sides of the brake disc, which turns together with the vehicle’s wheels. This friction slows the car and ultimately brings it to a stop.

In time brake pads will wear out and will need to be replaced, so continuing to drive with worn out brake pads is extremely dangerous. There are few telltale sign to worn brake pads: if they are wearing unevenly then it can cause the car to swerve under braking, and it can also be indicated by squeaking and screeching as well as a reduction in stopping power.


It’s very important that brake discs are replaced if they measure below the safe minimum thickness specification.
Here’s the four primary reasons for fitting Toyota genuine brake pads to your car:

Safety and quality

All Toyota genuine brake pads are designed and tested to ensure maximum safety. At every stage of normal wear the braking performance is still at its maximum 100%. Superior performance like this demands high-grade materials, and that’s what you get with Toyota genuine brake pads.

Quality you can hear

Brakes that are operating effectively don’t squeak and screech, and that’s because Toyota genuine brake pads have a long life – you can hear the quality.

Made to match

Toyota genuine brake pads are designed to match each specific Toyota model. This ensures rapid replacement and no compatibility problems.

Specialist knowledge

Good brakes are essential for safety and Toyota genuine brake pads have been developed using the in-depth knowledge of Toyota vehicles that only Toyota can have.

Caring For You: Episode Brake Pads and Brake Discs

To ensure safe driving and peace of mind it’s vital to have your brake pads and discs regularly checked by your Toyota Authorised Repairer. With Toyota genuine brake pads and discs fitted, you’ll get high quality parts at a competitive price that will deliver effective braking throughout their long life.

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