Remanufactured Parts

Safely repair your vehicle

Having confidence in your Toyota is essential for enjoyable driving, so our remanufactured parts maintain your vehicles road performance and efficiency whilst also giving the same warranty as our genuine parts. Plus, repairing your vehicle with a remanufactured part is environmentally friendly.

Designed by Toyota production engineers, only OE specification materials are used to maximise the vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. A remanufactured part fits your Toyota vehicle perfectly and is competitively priced. All parts are inspected guaranteeing you a safe driving experience.

How the process works:

1. Your dealer checks for product application and availability

2. The part is ordered with a deposit value*

3. The vehicle is repaired using the remanufactured unit

4. The broken part is returned to Toyota and sent to an approved remanufacturing unit

5. The unit is disassembled, cleaned and checked against Toyota specifications

6. The remanufacturing is done

7. The part is reassembled and tested to Toyota OE specifications

8. The part is packaged, ready to be used

* The deposit value, ensures the broken part is returned to Toyota.  The deposit is reimbursed when the part is received.

Only Toyota’s remanufactured parts maximise performance in line with Toyota OE counterpart. Talk to your Toyota Authorised Dealer to find out more.

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