Maintaining your Toyota during Covid-19

While dealer centres across our network are currently closed for visits, many will still be contactable by phone or email. Meantime, there’s plenty you can do to care for your car at home and pre-empt any issues before they happen. From maintenance tips to telephone support, how-to videos and emergency help, it’s all here.

Emergency support

Some journeys remain essential, so most Toyota after sales teams remain contactable to provide support when a vehicle is off the road and requires an emergency repair. The Toyota network will also do their very best to ensure emergency and critical workers are kept mobile should they need help.

If you are an emergency or critical worker, please contact your local dealer by phone or email in the first instance. You can also contact our customer service team by phone or webchat.

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Roadside Assistance

Members of Toyota Roadside Assistance can continue to call for roadside assistance exactly as before. All technicians will take additional precautions to protect your health and theirs.

Routine service

We can’t currently take bookings online but if you are concerned about missing a routine service or the status of your car’s warranty, don’t worry. Toyota will be taking a flexible approach to any service schedule or warranty issues that arise due the Covid-19 outbreak.

If you would like to know more about this or discuss your particular circumstances contact our customer service team.

MOT Testing

If you are due to bring in your car for a test such as an MOT, ITV or Contrôle Technique, please call or email your dealer centre for guidance. As well as Toyota’s intention to be flexible on warranty issues for the foreseeable future, governments are granting owners of eligible vehicles temporary exemptions.

At-home maintenance

Here are some simple how-to videos on tasks you can carry out at home.

Other hints and tips
How to maintain your hybrid battery
How to maintain your hybrid battery If you are driving less than you used to, it’s worth checking the battery occasionally.

To maintain a good level of charge in your hybrid car batteries, simply go through the normal start procedure: press the ‘Start’ button with your foot on the brake and ensure the ‘Ready’ light is illuminated on the dashboard. You don’t have to keep your foot on the brake after that, but ensure the transmission is in ‘Park’ and the parking brake is engaged.

Put the car in ‘Ready’ mode for about 60 minutes before switching it off again and repeat the process at least once a week, providing it’s safe to do so. Do not leave your car unattended when it is in ‘Ready’ mode.

You may hear and feel the internal combustion engine kick in; this is a normal part of the self-charging process. Switching on the radio or other systems will consume small amounts of electrical power so it is better to leave them off.

Always do this in a well-ventilated area – if you park your vehicle in a garage, then open the door.
How to maintain a conventional battery
How to maintain a conventional battery With non-hybrid vehicles, the electricity stored in the battery will discharge gradually even when the vehicle is not in use, due to natural discharge and the draining effects of certain electrical appliances.

If the vehicle is left for a long time, the engine may be unable to start. (The battery recharges automatically during driving.) For this reason we recommend you to run the engine for 20-30 minutes at least once a week.
What to do if your car won’t start
What to do if your car won’t start If you have a set of jumper/booster cables and a second vehicle, you can jump start your vehicle by following the procedure in the owner's manual. The vehicle must be outside in the open air, when the hybrid system or engine is running, to avoid inhaling exhaust fumes. Do not leave the car unattended.

If you do not have the right cable and a second car at home, please do not borrow from neighbours and respect social distancing. Please stay safe and contact your local roadside assistance or customer support for further assistance.
Refuelling You should have no problem refueling during the COVID 19 restrictions. However, with pump nozzles handled hundreds of times a day, it’s advisable to cover your hand with a glove or even a bag.
Keep track of your car

The MyT app (available on selected vehicles) can also be useful if you are driving your Toyota less frequently. For example:

MyT lets you keep track of your car remotely
Movement Alert lets you know immediately if it is moved without the key, or hit by another car
Find My Car tells you exactly where your car is, in case you forget where you’ve parked.

If you haven’t already, download the app and create your account today for extra peace of mind.

MyT Connected Services

Finance agreements

If you have concerns about your existing Toyota finance agreement or payment schedule please be reassured that we will do all we can to be sympathetic in dealing with any unforeseen issues that might have been caused by Covid-19.

Should you need our assistance, we will work with you to assess your requirements and tailor a solution. You can contact us through our Customer Experience team.

We promise to be ready

On re-opening, strict cleaning regimes will be enforced and employees will follow new, detailed care guidelines. These include:

Service Area

Technicians will be properly protected and wearing gloves & masks at all times

Your car will be protected by single use protective covers

All surfaces touched will be cleaned, before and after contact

Vehicle handovers may take place outside of the dealership

Your key will be sanitised before being returned.

Dealer Centre

Documents will be handled digitally wherever possible

Customer facing staff will wear masks if necessary and observe social distance rules

Kids areas will remain closed

Waiting areas will be provided with hand sanitizer.


Given the constantly evolving situation with the Covid-19 restrictions we will continue to update the information on this site. Please note that response times to our help lines may vary due to high demand and that we aim to prioritise vulnerable individuals, emergencies and key workers.

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