Toyota diesel engine maintenance

Important advice for trouble-free motoring

At Toyota, our number one priority is to manufacture safe and reliable vehicles. As part of this, our latest WW type diesel engines feature Dynamic Maintenance schedules that require regular and timely attention. Here you can learn more about the importance of caring for your Toyota diesel engine.

What do I need to know?

Following the correct maintenance and oil change program is essential for your Toyota engine to achieve a long and reliable life. Here’s the most important things you should remember:

  • Our latest WW diesel engines calculate when an oil change is required;
  • You’ll be notified via the dashboard combimeter display when maintenance is due;
  • If maintenance is not carried out as indicated, it can lead to engine damage that’s not covered by the Toyota warranty.
How are maintenance intervals calculated?

The appropriate maintenance interval is calculated based on your vehicle’s average speed and fuel consumption:

  • Calculations estimate when the maximum soot/waste product levels are reached in the engine’s oil;
  • Once this level is reached the engine oil must be changed;
  • Intervals will vary depending on your driving style.
When should my oil be replaced?

An oil change is mandatory after one of the following situations:

  • The engine oil maintenance message appears;
  • After a maximum of 20,000km (10,000km for some regions, please refer to the Maintenance Schedule with your vehicle);
  • After 12 months of use.

For optimum engine performance we recommend that you proceed with all future oil change maintenance as indicated on your dashboard combimeter display.

What information is shown on my vehicle’s display?

Depending on the Toyota model you own, one of two styles of information will be displayed within your car’s information system.


This shows the remaining mileage before a maintenance service is due, above the 1,000km distance at which you’ll receive a notice.

This shows the remaining mileage before a maintenance service is due, less than the 1,000km distance at which you’ll receive a notice.


This shows the total mileage that has been exceeded after which a maintenance service was required.

Which oil should I use?

For optimum engine performance and reliability, all WW type diesel engines must be used with the following oils:

  • Oil to be used: 5W-30 1WW/2WW Premium Fuel Economy
  • Oil may be topped up with: 5W-30 1WW/2WW Premium Fuel Economy / ACEA C3. Please note: A list of equivalent oils is available at your Toyota Authorised Repairer
  • Oils that should not be used: TGMO 5W-30 (most common) / C2-10 / C3-10. Please note: Always replace the oil filter when changing the oil

By following the procedures requested on the dashboard combimeter display of your Toyota, you can ensure you enjoy trouble-free motoring and avoid unnecessary financial outlay for many years to come.

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