Extended Warranty

Enjoy the one of the most comprehensive warranties of your new or used vehicle by taking a Toyota Extended Warranty.

Used car guarantee
  • For Toyota used cars which you sell, if these are not over 7 years old from the date of first registration and have not yet exceeded 160,000 km.
  • Basic protection according to guarantee conditions (drive assemblies including important electrical and electronic components)
  • No personal contribution by the customer to the repair costs
  • Includes Toyota Eurocare Mobility Protection (emergency breakdown service)
  • Choice of a 12 or 24 month guarantee period
  • No limit on kilometre count
  • Fee group classification according to Toyota model
  • The guarantee remains tied to the vehicle and is transferable for its remaining duration on change of ownership.
  • The maximum compensation for loss is the vehicle purchase price including VAT.
New car add-on guarantee
  • For Toyota vehicles still covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee
  • A choice of level of cover between Basic or Comfort protection
  • No personal contribution by the customer to the repair costs
  • Includes Toyota Eurocare Mobility Protection (emergency breakdown service)
  • The guarantee lasts 24 months following the completion of the manufacturer’s guarantee if the overall kilometre cover is not exceeded, i.e. 100,000 km from initial registration or 160,000 km from initial registration depending on the policy variant selected
  • Fee group classification according to model
  • The guarantee remains tied to the vehicle and is transferable for its remaining duration or remaining kilometre cover on change of ownership.
  • The maximum compensation for loss is the vehicle purchase price including VAT
Beginning and duration of the guarantee /geographical area of validity

The Toyota Extracare used car guarantee is only valid, if the vehicle owner/guarantee holder consents to the conditions set out in the guarantee booklet and confirms this by signing the registration form.

For used cars: the Toyota Extracare guarantee begins with the delivery of the vehicle, although at the earliest following the expiry of an existing manufacturer’s guarantee. It terminates without any notification requirement with the expiry of the agreed period, i.e. 12 or 24 months.

For new cars: The Toyota Extracare Guarantee begins on the expiry of the factory guarantee. It terminates without any notification requirement with the expiry of the agreed period (24 months) or when the selected kilometre cover (100,000 or 160,000 km) is reached. The end of the guarantee is decided by whichever of these events occurs first. The guarantee can only enter into force if the corresponding fee has been paid.

The guarantee’s geographical area of validity comprises: Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Great Britain , Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Republic of Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus.

Guarantee performance

If one of the guaranteed parts fails to perform within the agreed guarantee period and requires consequent repairs, the guarantee holder (your customer) is entitled within the framework of this guarantee to completion of the necessary repair work by the guarantee-providing Toyota dealer or another recognised service garage operating under the manufacturer’s brand (in the event of damage which prevents the vehicle from reaching the guarantee-providing dealer).

The guarantee performance comprises compensation for necessary, actually incurred repair costs including all required replacement parts. The manufacturer’s current work values shall act as a guideline for paying wage costs. If the repair costs exceed the value of the exchange unit, as it is usually worked out for damage of this type, the claim shall be limited to the cost of this exchange unit including the removal and installation costs. Renewal can mean replacement or repair.

The cost-related extent of the claim for compensation of all repairs is limited in terms of the overall sum to the vehicle purchase price. The calculated repair time is determined with the help of the manufacturer’s current work value.

Content of the guarantee /Guarantee exclusions

The complete operating capacity of all assemblies with the exception of the restrictions set out below is guaranteed with the “Comfort protection” cover variation for the Toyota vehicle described in greater detail in the registration form in accordance with the conditions below:

  • Maintenance (parts and service) = customer service intervals – all work and replacement parts used within the framework of the service intervals
  • Costs for test, measurement and adjustment where they do not fall under damage covered by the guarantee
  • General wear and tear, e.g. gradual decline in engine sealing, which requires the repair of valves and/or piston rings or which causes a gradual increase in oil use
  • Track adjustment and wheel balancing, tyre renewal
  • Batteries
  • Chassis components, e.g. bolts and hinges which must be inspected from time to time; straightening/correction of bumpers
  • Brake linings – the renewal of brake drums and lining, brake discs and brake pads due to general wear and tear
  • Filter, lubricants, anti-freeze, fuels (Diesel and petrol) and spark plugs – unless the exchange occurs in connection with the repair of a covered part
  • Clutch – the renewal of any clutch component due to general wear, incorrect adjustment or misuse
  • Fuel system – the renewal of cleaning of fuel conduits, filters, the carburettor and pumps due to dirty fuel
  • Throttle housing/throttle (excluding the injection pump)
  • Electrical system – renewal of audio equipment (radio, tape recorder, CD/MD player) or any other electrical/electronic components if they do not comprise part of the original fittings
  • Glass – renewal due to breakage, scratching, blinding due to glazing or plastic windows
  • Air and water leaks, wind noises, rubber seals on door openings, the boot and roof; squeaking and rattling noises
  • Damage to paintwork and rust
  • Catalytic converter
  • Parts which are not authorised by the manufacturer.
“Basic protection” cover variant

The full operating capacity of the following parts is guaranteed in accordance with the conditions below for the Toyota vehicle described in greater detail in the registration form:

  • Engine: gear rim, fly plate, crankshaft and crankshaft casing, oil pump, engine steering mechanism, steering chains, pulley and rollers, camshafts, cam tappet, camshaft gearwheels, valves and guides, pistons and piston rings, cylinder heads, cylinder head seals, connecting rod, cylinder liners, cylinder bores, distributor drive, notched belt and notched belt tensor and sealing rings and seals, if they are associated with the above-mentioned parts.
  • Cooling system: water pump, thermostat and thermostat casing, radiator, cooling fan and the fan viscous coupling
  • Fuel system: carburettor, petrol pump, fuel gauge and tank feed, fuel injection system, electronic control unit and injection pump (Diesel)
  • Clutch: clutch feed cylinder and clutch drain cylinder
  • Transmission: mechanical transmission or automatic transmission including the electrical adjustment and distributor mechanism, as well as the torque converter, plus seals and sealing rings, if they are associated with the repair of the above-mentioned parts.
  • Cordon shaft: shaft joints and casing
  • Drive cord: drive shaft joint, cordon shaft with couplings and casing, wheel casing and hubs
  • Differential: crown wheel and drive bevel wheel, gear wheels, bevel wheels, shafts, casings and couplings
  • Steering: mechanical steering, steering drive and rack steering
  • Brake system: main brake cylinder, braking power enhancer, ABS control device and relays
  • Electrical system: starter, dynamo, controller, distributor, electronically controlled ignition, fuel injection control device and ABS-control unit
  • Seals: internal seals and sealing rings, which are associated with or are necessary for the repair or exchange of main components such as the engine, transmission or axles
  • Excluded: all components which have not been named!

The “Basic protection” cover variant provides no guarantee for:

  • Maintenance (parts and service) = customer service intervals – all work and replacement parts used within the framework of the service intervals
  • Costs for test, measurement and adjustment where they do not fall under damage covered by the guarantee
  • General wear and tear, e.g. gradual decline in engine sealing, which requires the repair of valves and/or piston rings or which causes a gradual increase in oil use
  • Track adjustment and wheel balancing, tyre renewal
  • All parts which have not been named
  • Parts which are not authorised by the manufacturer, regardless of the selected contract duration (12 or 24 months)

Furthermore, there can be no claim for costs for:

  • Indirect or direct consequent losses, e.g. tow-away costs, hotel or accommodation costs, parking charges, compensation for deprivation of use
  • Air freight or special delivery. However, please consult Toyota Eurocare’s services!
  • In addition, there is no guarantee without consideration of contributing factors for damage
  • Caused by the direct effects of storms, hail, lightning, earthquake or flooding as well as fire or explosions
  • Caused by wartime events of any type, civil war, civil unrest, strikes, lock-outs, seizure or other sovereign action or by nuclear energy
  • As the result of an accident, i.e. an event caused by a sudden direct external mechanical force
  • Through wilful or malicious action, stealing, in particular theft, unauthorised use, robbery or embezzlement
  • Caused by action which a third party as a manufacturer/supplier has undertaken or is to undertake on the basis of a repair contract or other guarantee commitment
  • Through the effects of the vehicle being exposed to greater axle or trailer burdens than those specified by the manufacturer
  • As the result of using unsuitable lubricants and fuels
  • Caused by intentional or grossly negligent behaviour
  • Due to the use of an item which recognisably requires repair, unless the damage can be proved to be unconnected to the item requiring repair or the item was temporarily repaired when the damage occurred.
  • Due to altering the original condition of the vehicle or vehicle design and/or the extension/addition of particular accessories which negatively influence the original technical specification or safety standard or which are not of the same or better quality as the original fittings
  • Which is covered by a recall campaign or an extended manufacturer’s guarantee

This guarantee has no effect on any possible purchase contract guarantee rights held by the purchaser vis-à-vis the vehicle vendor. It neither justifies rights to change (cancellation of the purchase contract), discount or lower the purchase price nor does it exclude such rights.

What is not covered by the guarantee (Comfort and Basic protection)?
  • Regular customer service including parts which must be regularly replaced or cleaned, as well as parts which normally wear out e.g. filters, tyres, exhaust systems, brake pads, windscreen wipers and batteries.
  • Defects and indirect damage of all types caused by neglect, improper handling and/or intentional misuse.
  • Defects in the event of a complete loss.
  • Defects or consequent damage of any type caused by/during a theft.
  • Defects caused by an accident/impact.
  • Defects caused by/during war, rioting, natural catastrophes and other incidents involving serious violence.
  • Personal injury and damage to property.
  • Loss of income.

Removal of and all types of consequent damage caused by:

  • Entry of water;
  • Corrosion;
  • Contaminated fluids.
  • Improperly mounted wheels.
  • Deposition of combustion residues and resulting burnt valves
  • Improper repair or unjustified replacement of individual components.
  • The consequences of a faulty fitting.
  • Lights and lenses
  • Damage caused by external factors.
  • Damage caused by negligent checking of fluid levels (regardless of whether or not the damaged components are covered by the Toyota Extracare contract).
  • All costs, expenditure and damage associated with the year 2000 problem and/or any other caused linked to a data-related date (incorrect operation caused by a component or function, which impedes correct processing of data).
  • Defects within the framework of a manufacturer recall or extended guarantee.
What are excluded?
  • Modifications to the vehicle which alter the original characteristics designed by the manufacturer.
  • Hire cars or vehicles used as taxis, in driving schools, transport and courier services and extended saloon cars.
  • Police vehicles, fire brigade cars, ambulances and vehicles used by other emergency services and/or vehicles used for similar purposes.
  • Vehicles used for cross-country driving, rallies, races or other unexpected purposes.
  • Cases, which amount to complete loss.*
  • Thefts, which lead to irreversible loss of the vehicle.*
  • Fraudulent cases. In these present instances, there can be no claim for a refund of money or help in the event of damage.

* Customers are obliged to inform the guarantee-providing Toyota dealer of an incident in writing as soon as they are aware of it.

Settlement of claims

In principle, you should consider the following steps before reporting damage and beginning repairs:

  • Has the validity of the guarantee booklet presented by the customer been proved?
  • Have the required service intervals been respected and maintenance work been carried out properly, especially when the loss is causally linked to completion of this work?
  • Is the loss/scope of repairs covered by the guarantee conditions?
  • The Toyota company (guarantee provider) from whom the guarantee was acquired is responsible in the first instance for checking damage covered by the guarantee.
  • If, however, the customer (guarantee holder) is unable to bring his faulty vehicle to the guarantee-providing company for damage assessment and repair, necessary repair covered by the guarantee conditions can be carried out by another contract Toyota service garage.
  • The Toyota dealer is to report the damage for further investigation after the work has been carried out directly to Toyota FREY Austria GmbH. via the Toyota guarantee system within 14 days regardless of whether he is a member of the Toyota Extracare Guarantee programme.
  • If the cause or extent of a reported claim cannot immediately be clarified on notification, an expert report can be requested.
  • The safekeeping time limit for old components corresponds to the guarantee conditions in the manufacturer’s guarantee (although at least 3 months).
Settlement procedure

Claims are settled after the repairs have been completed in a regular manner. Please note the following points in this respect:

  • Work will be paid for in accordance with the manufacturer’s work time index at the hourly rate agreed with you previously on an annual basis.
  • Payment for parts is made on the basis of the sale price, which is guided by Toyota FREY Austria GmbH’s non-compulsory recommended price.
  • The maximum level of payment comprises the vehicle purchase price.
Payment procedure
  • If you have carried out approved repairs in your capacity as a guarantee-provider, you will be directly reimbursed for the repair costs by Toyota FREY Austria GmbH via the guarantee system.
  • If the repair has been carried out by a different service garage, the refund will also be made via the guarantee system, with the costs accompanied by the repair invoice being entered as outside invoice costs.

All claims based on a case where the guarantee is invoked cease to be valid 6 months following reporting of the damage, and at latest 6 months following the termination of the guarantee.

The Toyota Extracare guarantee can be transferred to a new owner, provided that the vehicle has been maintained by a Toyota dealer in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and the maximum kilometre count and guarantee period have not been exceeded.

The new owner must be able to produce the certificate and maintenance booklet which have been transferred to him. Administrative costs of ATS 275.21 / 20 Euro are created by the transfer and are to be paid to the Toyota dealer. The Toyota dealer will subsequently forward the transfer information and payment to the Toyota Extracare Guarantee Bureau.

Miscellaneous Reports

You will naturally receive regular evaluations and reports on:

  • Guarantee sales
  • Claims transactions
  • Special information about innovations or other changes in the programme
How does the Toyota Extracare Guarantee work abroad?

The Toyota Extracare insurance is only valid when the stay is shorter than 90 consecutive days in the countries set out in the guarantee booklet. In the event of a breakdown please contact Toyota Eurocare in your home country if possible and follow the instructions given exactly. In countries other than your home country, all repairs are to be carried out by an approved Toyota dealer or an approved car dealer which sells Toyota cars.

You are obliged to pay the repair costs arising abroad. When you return to your home country, you can present the invoice to your Toyota dealer (where possible, please enclose the faulty components). The costs will be refunded up to a maximum of the sum which repair in your home country would have cost, and following approval from the Toyota Extracare Guarantee Bureau.

Toyota Extracare Guarantee hotline

If you have further questions concerning this guarantee, please make direct contact with:

Toyota Extracare Guarantee Bureau
AON Warranty Group
Blechturmgasse 11
1050 Vienna
Telephone: 0043-01-5456024
Fax: 0043-01-5453322-35
Your contact partner:
Administration: Mr. Werner LOCSMANDY
Office hours: Monday - Friday 8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Caring for your Toyota

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