The New Toyota Yaris

Reflecting Toyota’s renewed focus on design, the new Yaris features more distinctive styling. It reinforces Yaris emotional appeal without sacrificing any of the rational strength of the original car.

Alessandro Massimino, Product Manager in Brussels explains: “Yaris was always extremely strong in its rational dimensions: great packaging, durability, cost of ownership… What we wanted to achieve was to connect the model not only with our customers’ brains, but also with their hearts.”

The Yaris front benefits from the development of Toyota’s “Keen Look and Under Priority” design concepts enhanced by the cross-shaped structure with the top and bottom parts separated. At the rear, the redesigned bumper incorporating a diffuser, the introduction of a new LED rear light cluster with light guide patterns and the sculpted licence plate garnish give the Yaris a stronger stance on the road.


The interior has undergone important modifications aimed at improving driving pleasure and onboard comfort. Efforts have focused particularly on the quality of the materials which, both in feel and appearance, have significantly changed compared to the previous model.

A new grade strategy offers broader customer appeal through a wider diversification of equipment and colour choices, particularly in the passenger compartment, where certain parts of the dashboard and of the door panels can be coloured to suit the personality of the two new proposed grades: Style and Lounge. The former places an emphasis on dynamism, whereas the latter focuses more on the comfort and quality of life on board.


The new Yaris will be offered with a choice of four powertrains. A thoroughly reworked 3-cylinder 1.0 petrol unit is the first member of a new family of 14 highly efficient engines to be launched by 2015. Its exceptional thermal efficiency of 37% (the percentage of the energy contained in the fuel which is converted into mechanical energy) means that it can now boast a combined-cycle fuel consumption of 4.1 l/100, and CO2 emissions reduced to 95 g/km.

The hybrid powertrain has also been revamped, with its CO2 emissions reduced still further to 75 g/km and corresponding combined-cycle consumption lowered to 3.3 l/100. 4-cylinder 1.33 petrol and 1.4 Diesel engines complete the range.

Lastly, in order to improve road-holding, driving pleasure, comfort and soundproofing in one swoop, the platform has been modified to a far greater extent than that usually associated with a simple face lift.

Stiffened by the addition of 36 spot welds, the body shell also accommodates a new rear torsion beam and a new support beam for the dashboard. With the adoption of new suspension parts (springs, shock absorbers and bound stoppers), the introduction of a new control logic for the electric power steering and a systematic reduction in wind, rolling and mechanical noise, the 2014 Yaris is among the best in terms of driving pleasure within its category.

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