Toyota Hotspot

The world we live in has changed. It only seems a few years ago that all we wanted was a mobile phone that gave us the freedom and reassurance of being in contact wherever we were.

Then came the advent of smartphones and suddenly as technology advanced we not only had a phone but a personal computer. We could browse the Internet, listen to music and embrace social media. The more the technology improved, the more we wanted – we needed to be connected at all times.

The problem is that the infrastructure to give us our ‘fix’ hasn’t kept up with the phones. Away from the house and our wireless network, our patience is zero: wait 30 seconds for our favourite website to download – too long. The programme we have been looking forward to watching keeps stopping because you are moving in a car or on the train – how frustrating.

With the launch of Toyota Hotspot, a wireless hotspot for your car, you can now relax in the knowledge that you don’t have to leave the Internet behind.

Depending on the Toyota model you own, the Hotspot will be fitted discreetly within your car, either in the centre console or glove box and allow up to five devices to connect the Internet at any one time. Every time you start the car your device will seamlessly connect.

So as the driver listens to their favourite music streaming service, their passengers can browse the Internet, play games or update their status on Facebook.

Fitted with two 3G antennas, the Toyota Hotspot is designed to work even in areas with weak coverage and reliably at high speed. Simply install a data SIM card of your choice and you will be on line whenever you want.

Toyota Hotspot is currently available as a dealer fitted accessory on selected Toyota models.

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