Toyota’s futuristic Tokyo trio

Toyota concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show

Three fascinating Toyota concept cars have made their debuts at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show offering a tantalising glimpse into an exciting automotive future where driver and machine are in harmony and advanced technology turns eco-cars into energy-cars.


KIKAI: Bringing the beauty out

Proving that beauty is more than skin deep, the intriguing KIKAI concept emphasises the charms that are often hidden from view by showcasing the car’s inner workings on the outside.

Being a true concept car – free from traditional constraints – the KIKAI takes the craftsmanship, simplicity and motion located beneath the body and proudly displays it for all to see. This expressive form continues through to details such as the fuel tanks and exhaust pipes, while inside the analogue cockpit meters and switches pay tribute to machined parts on the exterior.

The KIKAI is designed to maximise driver involvement, the triangular layout of the three seats places the driver centrally at the heart of the experience to provide a more instinctive connection to the car. At the driver’s feet, a small window shows tyres, suspension and the rush of the road below, while an expansive windscreen and side windows reveals the  suspension in action and a near panoramic view to further heighten the driving sensations.


S-FR: Car and driver as one

If a twisting open road on an early Sunday morning is your idea of motoring nirvana, then you’ll love the simple, sporty spirit of the new S-FR concept.

Building on our proud heritage of lightweight fun-to-drive sports cars, the new entry-level concept puts driving response to the fore, encouraging a whole new generation to fall in love with driving again.

With a design influenced by the archetypal sports car proportions of long bonnet, wide stance and short overhangs, the S-FR’s compact and light coupe body houses the keen driver-favoured front engine, rear wheel drive configuration and independent suspension.

This focused approach offers the advantage of a smooth, responsive drive and outstanding handling to provide a real sense of communication and intimacy between car and driver.


FCV Plus: The hydrogen energy-car

Following the revolutionary Mirai launch – the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell car – the sleek Toyota FCV Plus concept has been created to showcase our vision for hydrogen-based societies.

More than merely a mode of transport, we see fuel-cell vehicles – such as the FCV Plus – playing a role as power sources in the community. As well as its own hydrogen tank, electricity can be generated from hydrogen supplied from outside, transforming the car into a stable source of power when it’s not being used. Power that can then be shared with the local community’s energy infrastructure.

Underneath the aerodynamic body lies a three-dimensional frame structure that helps to keep the concept lightweight yet extremely rigid. The compact body hides a spacious cabin, thanks to the fuel stack and hydrogen tank being mounted front and rear, and four independent in-wheel motors means drivers can enjoy an experience combining optimal weight distribution and great all-round visibility.

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