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Putting personality into the Yaris Cross

Mirroring European customers
Designed in ED2 in the south of France and produced in the north of France, the Yaris Cross is purely European, from its exterior styling to its CMF design.

From the very beginning of the design concept, ED2 had the European customer in mind. We interviewed real customers to understand their lifestyle, what they liked, what their daily activities were, and how they enjoyed themselves. The answers inspired us to design a car that would mirror their personality; a vibrant combination of being both sophisticated and energetic. 

Its remarkable Brass Gold colour contains green pigment to give a fresh, dynamic image. Its diamond body shape combined with four bold fenders conveys energy and sophistication. It stands out as a SUV thanks to a higher ground clearance, a strong horizontal axis giving a great balance and poise, big squared wheel arches and of course big wheels up to 18”. It maintains the strong DNA of Toyota’s SUV line-up but its double trapezoid grille layout gives it a distinctive and urban look.

Combining the horizontal rear tail lamps and rear screen clearly shows family identity with Yaris, yet the wider and more squared tailgate hints at the luggage space’s larger flexibility for daily usage.