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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

True EVs with full hybrid capabilities
Our plug-in hybrid electric vehicles combine battery electric driving with full hybrid technology. Drivers can enjoy zero-emission driving and take longer journeys free of range anxiety.    

The best of both worlds

Toyota and Lexus plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) offer the best of both worlds – true EV capability and highly efficient full hybrid power. Our technology delivers all the benefits of our PHEVs line-up but with greater performance and the ability to travel further on pure electric drive. Charged from an electricity supply at home or at a charging point, they provide power in pure EV mode on zero emissions and using no fuel. For longer trips, our PHEVs switch seamlessly to their efficient hybrid petrol-electric system.  

Efficiency across all driving modes

Our plug-in hybrids are different from many other brands. When our PHEVs require additional power or the electric charge is depleted, the vehicle changes to Toyota’s full hybrid electric vehicle mode, ensuring that it retains high efficiency and low CO2 emissions. Depending on the usage and driving style of the driver, our PHEVs can achieve very low CO2 emissions. As an example, our RAV4 PHEV delivers only 22 g/km CO2 emissions and has an EV range of 75 km.  

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