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European Supply Chain

Ensuring Just-in-Time delivery of components, accessories and vehicles across the region
Every day we ship thousands of components, accessories and vehicles across the whole of Europe. Our supply chain operations ensure that our factories, retailers and customers receive their products in the right place and at the right time.

Our European supply chain network

From the beginning of a car’s lifecycle to its disposal, Toyota’s sophisticated supply chain network focuses on reducing the environmental impact of our products and activities. For our production parts, multiple cross-docks and consolidation points across the region support the supply of components to our manufacturing plants. Vehicle Logistics Groups in our European hubs, cross-docks and port operations ensure our customers get their vehicles on-time, in-time, every time. For after-sales activities, we have an extensive supply chain to organise and support service parts and components.

Production parts logistics

From the outset, our Production Control team manages the complete overview of all vehicles that will be produced in Europe over the next five years. It also ensures the readiness of our European Manufacturing Companies (EMCs). Toyota supply chain members are involved in early parts and packaging design and network optimisation to reduce lead-time, cut CO2 emissions, and improve quality and safety. Using the foundations of the Toyota Production System (TPS), our goal is to ensure Just-In-Time execution of supply chain operations towards our eight EMCs.

Vehicle logistics throughout Europe

A series of strategically located vehicle distribution hubs handle both our European-built models and those shipped to Europe from overseas. These logistic centres ensure all vehicles get to their customers on-time, in-time, every time. Achieving ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) while reducing lead times and COemissions underpin all vehicle logistics operations.
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Service Parts Supply Chain

The Service Parts Supply Chain Group operates 18 central distribution warehouses throughout Europe. Using a hub & spoke distribution method, they ship thousands of components and accessories every day to over 3300 retailers throughout Europe and affiliates across the globe.