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Making Luxury Personal
Lexus is redefining luxury through refined craftsmanship and imaginative technology. We harness this, delivering the engaging driving experience and omotenashi hospitality that our guests have come to expect. 

Experience Amazing

Since the launch of our first luxury sedan over 30 years ago, Lexus has become a synonym for exceptional design, quality and refinement. We’re also a pioneer and leader in luxury car electrification with a range of self-charging hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric drive-trains.  

Through our range of cars, the Lexus LY650 Sports Yacht, Lexus Intersect spaces, The LOFT by Lexus and the Lexus Design Award, we aim to create amazing experiences by transforming function into emotion, performance into passion, and technology into imagination. 

Evolution through Kaizen

We launched our first car in 1989. Conceived as a world-class, high-performance luxury vehicle, the LS 400 had to be more efficient, quieter, more aerodynamic, and lighter than its competitors.  

In developing the LS 400, Lexus engineers strove to make the impossible possible: To create a car that is exhilarating yet fuel efficient; traditional yet modern, natural yet man-made, strong yet lightweight. This “yet” philosophy continues to guide our approach. 

At every point of our evolution, we challenge the status quo; quietly and relentlessly improving and innovating. It’s what we call “Kaizen” in Japanese.  

Driven by passion

Akio Toyoda, Chairman of Toyota, is a true car enthusiast. He competed in a Lexus in the gruelling Nürburgring 24 Hours race. 

The first result of Toyoda’s involvement with Lexus was the LFA - a supercar packed with groundbreaking technology to provide an exhilarating drive at up to 325 km/h. With production limited to 500, the LFA has become legendary among car enthusiasts. Some of the thrill of that driving experience is in every Lexus we build. 

“My priority is not to make money but to make great cars. Cars that are fantastic to look at, gorgeous to sit in and sensational to drive”
Akio Toyoda

Crafted by Takumi

It doesn’t take much to learn a new skill, but it takes 60,000 hours to master one. Our master craftsmen and women are known as Takumi. Their expertise is honed during 60,000 hours of practice.  

Famous for their attention to detail, Takumi must regularly prove their dexterity by folding an origami cat in under 90 seconds with their non-dominant hand. 

Takumi play a key role in the production process, even when automation is involved. For example, the motion of a robotic paint-spraying arm accurately copies that of a Takumi.  

After all, technology is at its most powerful when it has humanity at its heart.  

Fuelled by imaginative technology

Our concept cars imagine pioneering technologies that will transform the future of mobility. We learn, grow and experiment – anticipating the needs and values of our customers and society. 

Innovations including Lexus Hybrid Drive (2005), LED headlights (2007), Active Pedestrian Detection System (2013) and Advanced Pre-Collision System (2017) were all first revealed on our concept cars. 

And with our aim of becoming a zero emissions company by 2050 and reducing vehicle emissions throughout their lifecycle, you can be sure to find pioneering technology in the next generation of Lexus concept cars. 

Delivered with Omotenashi

Lexus has always been determined to treat customers better than any other luxury car brand.  

We call this human-centric approach Omotenashi – anticipating customer needs and treating customers as if they are guests in our own home. 

Upholding this principle is one of the reasons why we continue to top polls of customer satisfaction and have earned a reputation for unrivalled customer service. 

In short, we deliver everything to help our clients Experience Amazing. 

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