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Let's go beyond
With the all-new bZ series, Toyota goes beyond to transform lives and experiences. Reduce your impact on the planet, enjoy outstanding performance, and appreciate a range of class-leading innovative features with the Toyota bZ series. 

You & the environment

At Toyota, it’s not just about leaving zero emissions behind, but also thinking about maximising energy efficiency throughout the entire vehicle. That means considering the energy the car uses to move, including renewable energy such as solar power to generate the electricity and maximise its range. As part of Toyota’s drive to reduce energy consumption and waste, the bZ’s battery components and materials can be saved for future reuse, or even recycled into new battery modules. 

You & your car

With the Toyota bZ we are introducing a new kind of excitement with battery electric vehicles. Your car is more than simply a means of transport – Toyota bZ understands that it must be your intelligent partner. These battery electric vehicles use the latest technological features to provide brilliant connectivity, while smooth acceleration and excellent handling make driving super fun. 

You & others

Transforming travel space into social space, bringing family and friends together. Quiet, spacious and luxuriously comfortable, Toyota bZ vehicles will offer an excellent environment for shared experiences. You’ll find ample room for everyone to interact, share ideas and relax on longer journeys. 

You & society

With zero-emission mobility and smart technology combined with outstanding battery capacity and best-in-class safety performance, Toyota bZ creates a safer society where everyone enjoys greater peace of mind. 

The new Toyota bZ4X

Innovative, efficient and with dynamic SUV design, the battery-electric Toyota bZ4X delivers a robust and stylish build, outstanding all-wheel drive capabilities, and a range of more than 450 km on a single charge. This range can be maximised with the optional solar panel roof. Three charging options offer drivers flexibility – use rapid public charging and achieve an 80% charge in around 30 minutes with a 150 kW fast-charging system, or plug into a home socket or wall box. And even after 10 years, the battery will still be able to achieve a world-class 90% of its original performance. 

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