1. Sustainability
  2. Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality

Toyota aims to develop a society where people, mobility and nature can coexist in harmony
We want to minimise the environmental impact of our activities and reduce it to zero where possible, while developing measures to contribute positively to the planet with the aim of achieving a sustainable and emission-free society. 

On our way to zero-emissions

In line with 100% CO2 reduction in all new vehicle sales by 2035 in Europe (EU,EEA and UK), we are expanding our zero-emission vehicles portfolio. Our strategy is to reach carbon neutrality as soon as possible, leveraging available charging infrastructure, raw material availability, renewable energy and affordability. We already minimise carbon emissions by offering a wide variety of electrified vehicles. Furthermore, in Europe, we are working towards completely eliminating all CO2 emissions throughout the entire vehicle life cycle by 2040, as well as achieving carbon neutrality at all our European plants by 2030.
  • SCOPE 1  

    Direct Emissions from owned or controlled sources*

     We target being carbon neutral at all our manufacturing sites in Europe by 2030, allowing the vast majority of Toyota Motor Europe Scope 1 emissions to be mitigated by that time. This is five years ahead of Toyota’s global commitment.

  • SCOPE 2 

    Indirect Emissions from generation of purchased energy (mainly electricity).

    By a consistent usage of 100% green electricity across Europe since 2019, Scope 2 emissions have already been eliminated in all European operations*. 

  • SCOPE 3

    Indirect Emissions of uncontrolled sources in the value chain of TME, which are our sold vehicles, upstream & downstream logistics, as well as purchased parts. By providing zero-emission vehicles and sustainable mobility services that meet the needs of the economy, energy & industrial policies, and customers, we aim to achieve 100% CO2 emission reduction in Western Europe by 2035. This will significantly contribute to Toyota Motor Europe Scope 3 emission reduction by that time. 

* Manufacturing, Logistics, National Distributors, Corporate Offices

Beyond carbon neutrality

We don’t stop at carbon neutrality, which is focused only on CO2 emissions. In line with the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, we are committed to take specific measures towards water preservation, the promotion of a recycled-based economy, and biodiversity. Our plant in France, TMMF, is a worldwide benchmark in terms of water collection and recycling, ensuring that the maximum amount of water can be reused in production processes since 2014. In the UK, TMUK developed a strong biodiversity initiative with local authorities and since 2004 has been a role model within our organisation. 

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