1. Electrification


Continued innovation for a carbon neutral future
We are proud to have pioneered the development of electrified vehicles for over 25 years to help create a better environment through mass market low carbon technologies. Today, following over two decades of investment, we are developing the most complete range of electrified vehicles. 

Fully committed to carbon neutrality for everyone

Toyota’s commitment to carbon neutrality extends to all. We firmly believe that multiple technology solutions are necessary to get there, faster. Ultimately, the market will be zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), whether they are battery electric vehicles (BEV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) or other zero emission technologies. Currently, not everyone has access to ZEVs due to lack of infrastructure or other market barriers. We believe that giving people access to multiple technologies is a more inclusive path towards carbon neutrality. This will enable us to significantly decarbonise society now, by making all electrified technologies available to meet customers’ needs everywhere.  
“Whilst Toyota is committed to making millions of Battery Electric Vehicles available to customers, the way to reduce the most net carbon emissions globally is to use every item in our toolbox, including Hybrid Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric, Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, with the proportions of each optimised to make best use of the infrastructure constraints and customer circumstances of every region, and the limited supply and improving performance of batteries.” 

Gill Pratt, TMC Chief Scientist & TRI CEO

20 million electrified sales and counting

Our vision to produce accessible low carbon vehicles kicked off in 1997 with Prius, the first mass-market hybrid electric vehicle. In 2015 we launched Mirai, the first mass-produced fuel cell electric sedan. More recently we introduced plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and more BEVs to the Toyota and Lexus line-ups. To date we sold over 20 million electrified vehicles worldwide, and four million in Europe, cumulatively contributing to over 160 million tonnes of CO2 reduction. Toyota continues to innovate in technology, by making significant investments in leading-edge battery technologies, such as solid state, and advanced electric motors and improved power electronics.

Accessible multi-technology for everyone

As a result of our multi-technology approach to electrification we are an industry leader in overall CO2 reduction in Europe. We are committed to the path of democratizing electrified vehicles to meet the low emission needs of all Europeans. To help meet these goals, we have made freely available over 24,000 patents for advanced electrification technologies. These include the core systems that are applied to all types of vehicle – BEVs, FCEVs, PHEVs and HEVs.  
TME electrified mix as % total sales
electrified models on sale by 2025 
ZEVs by 2025 
electrified by 2030

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