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Creating mobility without limitations

We want a world where everyone can move freely
In a rapidly changing world, Toyota is always on the look-out for innovative solutions to move people around in the most comfortable and sustainable way. This can apply to moving across the room, a city or between countries. And we do not forget about people for whom mobility can be a struggle.

Limitless possibilities for all

While the world is becoming ever more diverse, people are increasingly confident in making their own choices to lead free and enjoyable lifestyles. At Toyota we believe that truly good products create new experiences for people, enhancing their chosen lifestyle directions. That’s why we have introduced our dedicated mobility brand KINTO that offers different modes of transport, payments and services in one inclusive solution. KINTO’s mobility services provide the customer with greater flexibility, time and cost savings when travelling. And this also benefits the environment when they choose to drive, as we only use electrified cars.

A mobility product for everyone

We work hard to create an inclusive and sustainable world with unprecedented new forms of mobility value. That is why we are designing innovative walking-area BEVs, last-mile transport solutions, automated goods deliveries and much more. We aim for future mobility technologies to enhance the relationship between products and people. Our concept vehicle LQ, which builds an emotional bond with its driver, expresses this vision.

To help realise a society in which everyone will be able to live happier and more active lives, we research how robots can support human life activities and extend human capabilities. From lifestyle support robots and humanoid robots to rehabilitation robots, Toyota’s robots operate in a broad range of fields, while ultimately supporting Mobility for All. 

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