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  2. Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain

Close collaboration with business partners
Toyota pursues open and fair business, and engages in sustainability initiatives through close collaboration with business partners to raise quality in terms of safety and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain

At Toyota we work closely with our suppliers during manufacturing. As part of these efforts, we have globally implemented Basic Purchasing Policies according to the spirit of mutual benefit based on mutual trust. To address the increasing interest in our supply chain, we have dialogues with suppliers. Before conducting business transactions, we conclude contracts that clearly spell out legal compliance, respect for human rights, and environmental considerations. We issue Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines, share them with our suppliers, and request suppliers to implement their activities based on them. 

Business Ethics and Human Rights

Seeking "the happiness of someone other than ourselves" has always been a part of Toyota's Founding Principles. Our mission has now grown to “producing happiness for all”. In 2021, Toyota announced its Human Rights Policy. It refers to and respects the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) and promotes activities related to human rights based on the UNGP. This policy is the highest-level policy relating to human rights within Toyota. Every Toyota employee strives to fully adhere to it. At Toyota Motor Europe, this element is covered under our Code of Conduct.

Whistleblower hotlines

TME requests its Business Partners to promptly and in good faith report to TME facts or suspicions regarding actual or suspected acts of corruption/bribery committed by employees, sub-contractors, consultants, etc., of Business Partners, TME or any Toyota entity. Any report should be made to the TME Compliance Officer Karel.De.Wilde@toyota-europe.com or to TME’s whistleblower hotline (operated by an external provider and available 24/7, 365 days a year in 7 languages by phone or online). Business Partners can raise a concern anonymously. 

We encourage you to up raise any concerns, in a safe and confidential environment. We provide multiple ways for you to report any concern:

i. Through our whistleblower hotline:

       1.  By phone: Telephone Numbers - Safecall

       2. Online: Report An Incident & Update - Safecall

ii. By contacting our Compliance Officer: karel.de.wilde@toyota-europe.com

Drive Sustainability

TME participates in Drive Sustainability, the initiative of 11 leading companies in the automotive supply chain. We collaborate to promote a common approach and leverage a common voice on sustainability topics in the supply chain. In 2020 we launched a strategy to tackle four sustainability challenges together with our suppliers: Carbon Neutrality, Sustainable Raw Materials, Workforce Well-being and Circular Value Chain. In these areas we seek to endorse and develop common standards, apply common compliance tools, and provide trainings and e-learnings to help suppliers improve their sustainability performance.

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