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The Toyota Way

Our work today is the foundation for tomorrow
The Toyota Way uses our guiding principles to define a way of working for everyone in our business, everywhere. The auto industry is experiencing a once-in-a-century transformation. In the past, Toyota transitioned from loom maker to automaker. We are now reinventing ourselves as a mobility company.

The Toyota Way 2020

The Toyota Way is the foundation of our corporate culture. To help us navigate through the uncharted territory of becoming a mobility company, we are embracing our core principles, values, mission and vision to fuel us as we lay the foundation of tomorrow. We will continue to develop the Toyota Way to keep pace and remain effective and relevant in an ever-changing world. And we will keep it under constant scrutiny to see how it can be continuously improved. 

At Toyota, we ... 

  • Act for others

    We strive to keep the perspectives of our customers and stakeholders at the core of our efforts every day. Putting ourselves in other’s positions, we go beyond the impossible.

  • Work with integrity

    We always consider where today’s work should take us and how it impacts those around us. We forge a path to our objectives with integrity and honesty. 

  • Drive curiosity

    Taking a personal interest in everything, we ask questions to discover the mechanics behind phenomena. This mindset generates new ideas. 

  • Observe thoroughly

    Humans sense things instinctively in ways that machines can’t. We bring together hard data while personally seeing, feeling and interpreting the situation, exercising Genchi Genbutsu* to discover the most creative and best solutions quickly. 

  • Get better and better

    Today, and every day, we take ownership to sharpen the skills of ourselves and each other with heart, mind and body to meet the evolving needs of our customers. 

  • Continue the quest for improvement

    We believe in the natural ability of people to change things for the better. Every improvement, regardless of size, is valuable. Encouraging both incremental and breakthrough innovative thinking, we seek to evolve with Kaizen*, never accepting the status quo. 

  • Create room to grow

    Focusing on what is essential, we eliminate waste and manage our resources carefully to create room to grow. This is the foundation for agility and the cultivation of new ideas for the future. 

  • Welcome competition

    We welcome competition, without ego. It pushes us to improve and better serve our customers and society, creating more value and a better experience. 

  • Show respect to people

    No work is solitary. No job is a one-person endeavour. We make the most of diverse perspectives, turning differences into fortitude as one team. With a fundamental respect for people, we create an environment where all feel welcome, safe and heard, and everyone can contribute their best toward meaningful goals. 

  • Thank people 

    We owe our existence to our customers, members, partners, stakeholders and communities. We say ‘Thank You’ to everyone we encounter today. 

* Genchi Genbutsu (English: Go and see for yourself): The best practice is to go and see the location or process where the problem exists in order to solve that  problem more quickly and efficiently. To grasp problems, confirm the facts and analyse root causes.

* Kaizen (English: Continuous improvement): A philosophy that helps to ensure maximum quality, the elimination of waste, and improvements in efficiency, both in terms of equipment and work procedures. Kaizen improvements in standardised work help maximise productivity at every worksite. 



    The Toyota Code of Conduct

    Toyota conducts its business following the highest standards of integrity and fairness which are an essential part of Toyota’s philosophy and values. These frameworks are unique management principles Toyota has inherited since its foundation and which are central to its success as a leading global company. They serve as guideposts to do business on a daily basis and will help us navigate the fundamental transformation of our industry.

    The Code of Conduct outlines the specific attitudes and considerations expected from team members. In all daily tasks, “doing work with integrity,” “doing the right thing” and “raising your voice and making improvements immediately if you think something is wrong” are essential behaviours.  The Code of Conduct is part of Toyota’s organisational culture and serves as a guide to encourage members to take proper decisions and do the right thing.

To further reinforce Toyota values, we encourage you to speak up and raise concerns in a safe and confidential environment. We provide multiple ways for you to report: