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World Endurance Championship

Winning is only the start of our race
As multiple Le Mans 24 Hours champions, we compete in WEC to push the limits of our hybrid powertrain and deepen our understanding of hybrid technology with one clear goal in mind: to provide our customers with ever-better road cars.

The toughest challenges are those that drive us forward

Hybrid staying power

More excitement, more challenges, more fun. We push the limits of racetracks, constantly reshaping and rebuilding to break the mould, always striving to improve our hybrid technology. From energy recovery to battery cooling and downsizing, the WEC helps us significantly advance the development of our road cars.

The hybrid hypercar era

The GR010 HYBRID Hypercar takes on an exciting era of endurance racing and is ready to push the limits in the eight-race 2024 World Endurance Championship. The ultimate test of our advanced hybrid technology.
  • Engine

    3.5-litre V6 turbo engine using 100% renewable biofuel fuel

  • Hybrid system

    Four- wheel drive racing Hybrid powertrain- total output 520kW (707PS)

  • Battery

    High-powered  TOYOTA lithium-ion

  • Rims & tyres

    Front: 12.5 x 18” magnesium alloys, 29/71-18 tyres
    Rear: 14 x 18” magnesium alloys, 34/71-18 tyres

Why Le Mans?

“I am strongly determined to make sure that cars will be fun for the next 100 years.”
Akio Toyoda, 2018



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