1. Data Recipients

Data Recipients


Toyota respects your privacy. We only share your data for specified and legitimate purposes, as described in our General Toyota Privacy and Data Protection Policy ("this Policy").


To which Toyota companies do we communicate your data?

  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Toyota Connected Japan
  • Toyota Connected Europe
  • Toyota Deutschland GmbH
  • Toyota France 
  • Toyota Motor Italia SPA, 
  • Toyota España, S.L.U.
  • Toyota Central Europe sp.z.o.o.
  • Toyota Denmark A/S
  • Toyota Sweden AB
  • Toyota AG Switzerland
  • Louwman & Parqui b.v.
  • Toyota Belgium n.v./s.a.
  • Toyota Auto Finland Oy
  • Toyota Baltic 
  • Toyota Norge AS
  • Toyota Ukraine
  • Toyota Turkey Marketing & Sales
  • Toyota Adria d.o.o.
  • Dickran Ouzounian & Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Austria GmbH
  • Toyota (GB) Ltd.
  • Toyota Caucasus LLC 
  • Toyota Motor North America
  • Toyota Motor Kazakhstan LLP
  • Toyota Hellas S.A.
  • Toyota Romania
  • Toyota Caetano Portugal, S.A.
  • Toyota Iceland
  • Woven Planet
  • Union Motors Ltd.
  • Toyota Ireland
  • Toyota Connected North America
  • Toyota Research Institute
  • Toyota Financial Services
  • Toyota Manufacturing Companies
  • Toyota authorised dealer network in Europe 
  • Toyota Connected Europe Limited


To which third parties we communicate your data?

Third party company Why do we communicate them your data?  
European and International Research institutions and Universities (e.g. KU Leuven) Research and Development 
Technical Partners (e.g. Idiada)
Technical design partners (e.g. Toyota Technical Development Corporation)
Suppliers of parts (e.g. Denso)

Improving and Innovating 


Alliance manufacturing partners (e.g. Stellantis,)
(Regional) Authorities for Recall-Campaign activities (e.g Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt )
Logistics companies for parts recovery (e.g. MITSUI-Soko)
European Commission
Marketing research and analytics services (e.g. Salesforce)  Marketing activities
External IT service providers (e.g. Amazon Web Services) Dedicated services provided by third-parties
Technology and/or consultancy service providers (e.g. Deloitte)
Payment Operators (e.g PACE)
Parking Providers (e.g. Parkopedia)

Provider for Over The Air Software Updates (e.g. Harman)

Supplier of a live map platform solution (e.g. AvMap, MapBox, HERE Europe B.V)

Provider of connected voice command services (e.g. Cerence B.V)

Road events provider (e.g. Tomtom)

Cybersecurity-related services and applications 

Provider of telecommunication services

Solution to collect qualitative and quantitative feedback from users of connected services

Monitoring and analytics tools to monitor the infrastructure and cloud services

Regulators and public authorities (e.g. EU Comission) Assess how laws and regulations (e.g. automotive industry laws; environmental laws) work out in practice