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Sustainability that’s “Always Better”

2013 TME Sustainability Report
Toyota has published its seventh annual European Sustainability Report, providing an overview of the company’s environmental, social, and economic performance under the company’s “Always Better” approach to sustainability.

Always a Better Way

Toyota Motor Europe’s (TME) President & CEO Didier Leroy introduces the report and outlines how this year’s report has further expanded on the Toyota Global Vision, a direction that aims to bring smiles to the faces of customers while upholding Toyota’s responsibilities towards society.

Toyota’s European brand identity of Always a Better Way has provided the basis for this year’s theme of Always Better and is formed into three main areas of focus: Always Better Cars, Always Better Lives and Always Better Business.

Always Better Cars

Toyota is committed to developing and delivering better products and services in Europe, and this drive for better quality, safety and customer experience is the basis of the first area of focus, Always Better Cars. Being responsible for global development of the small and compact A,B and C segment cars, TME concentrates on innovation and technology to deliver passion in their product, services, quality and environmental performance.

Always Better Lives

Always Better Lives demonstrates Toyota’s vision of providing affordable mobility for all through products and services. By studying opportunities for better future mobility while encouraging sustainable practices in the supply chain, Toyota aims to contribute towards a prosperous, mobile society where the company is part of the solution to challenges in communities and the environment.

Always Better Business

Toyota Hybrid is a large contributor to Toyota’s market success, with Hybrid sales making up around 20% of European sales this year. How well Toyota delivers Always Better Cars and enriches the lives of communities, rather than the business target on its own, encapsulates the third area of focus, Always Better Business. This economic success goes hand-in-hand with managing sustainable operations and providing stable employment.

Toyota has set itself a challenging series of goals with its sustainability strategy, but we will meet these goals by engaging the talent and passion of people acting with the conviction that there is Always a Better Way.