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  2. Toyota Hybrid beats Tesla in ADAC EcoTest

Toyota Hybrid beats Tesla in ADAC EcoTest

Five stars for the Prius even under stricter test conditions
CO2 and pollutant emissions were measured in real-world driving for the first time and Prius Hybrid achieves the top, five-star rating, proving to be the most eco-friendly vehicle with combustion engine. Four-star Toyota Yaris Hybrid ranks fifth - another clean and economical choice.

A five-star rating for Toyota Prius

Even in the new, stricter ADAC EcoTest 4.0, the current Toyota Prius achieved the top, five-star rating. Among the 45 vehicles tested so far, the hybrid is the most eco-friendly vehicle with a combustion engine, coming second with 94 of 100 possible points. The outstanding result is completed by the Toyota Yaris Hybrid on fifth place with 88 points and four stars. The Model S by Tesla follows on sixth with 87 points and also gets four stars. 

Provide customers a clear orientation

To give consumers a clear orientation when choosing an economical car that is as green as possible, the 13th round of the ADAC EcoTest (2003) added a fundamental innovation: cars that won a recommendation in the lab test had to submit to additional emissions measurements on the road (real driving emissions).

In the strictest ADAC EcoTest to date, the Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid Executive delivered convincingly low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The measurements were 1.7 l urban, 3.9 l extra-urban and 5.4 l motorway, each over a distance of 100 km, CO2 emissions of 113 g per km.