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  2. Toyota presents: Driven the story of Pol Fàbrega

Toyota presents: Driven the story of Pol Fàbrega

How to revolutionize the current food system to change the way people relate to their food? With ambition and passion Pol Fàbrega tries to develop and deliver solutions through urban farming movement in Hong Kong.

How do we feed ourselves and future generations while making this world a better place? That’s the challenge faced by Pol Fàbrega, co-founder of Rooftop Republic in Hong Kong. He changes cities and people’s mindset by creating urban farms and building communities around them. This is the future. The right time is now!

The multi-disciplinary Team of Rooftop Republic’s is the pioneer in urban farming movement and collaborate with several architects, engineers, organic farmers, chefs and nutritionists in order to make a difference.

Driven is a storytelling series about the people and what drives them in their personal lives. A drive to win. A drive for perfection. A drive for adventure. Further episodes coming soon.

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