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  2. Toyota presents: Driven the story of Samantha Payne

Toyota presents: Driven

The story of Samantha Payne
What happens when technology meets ideas people thought were impossible? With a punk attitude and tons of ambition Samantha Payne and the team at Open Bionics are changing lives by creating unique, advanced and affordable bionic limbs that empower people.

Samantha did not come from engineering background, however managed to become a big name in tech world today, driven by the desire of creating technologies that would create impact for people with limb impairment, allowing them to feel great with themselves, turning disabilities into superpowers.

Open Bionics is a game changer for people who are limb impaired. The ‘HERO ARM’, a 3D printed myoelectric arm, has a better functionality by being lightweight and multi-grip, designed around its user and more affordable than its predecessors are. It is science fiction becoming reality.

Driven is a storytelling series about the people and what drives them in their personal lives. A drive to win. A drive for perfection. A drive for adventure. Further episodes coming soon.

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