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bZ Compact SUV Concept

Is this the future of electric?
If you are wondering what the future of electric vehicles could look like, check out the bZ Compact SUV Concept. Designed in France, its futuristic, aerodynamic exterior is matched by an equally eye-catching, comfortable, eco-friendly interior.

Designed in Europe

bZ stands for Beyond Zero, which refers to Toyota’s zero emission mobility approach. The bZ Compact SUV Concept was designed at Toyota’s European Design & Development facility in Nice, France. Its design approach is called “clean-vital”. Basically this means it has the best of both worlds: the minimalist design to be expected of a battery-electric vehicle, with game-changing, futuristic dynamism. In practice, Toyota’s latest concept car combines low-impact, sustainable materials with leading technologies and a stylish appearance.

A distinctive look

The designers have gone out of their way to make the bZ Compact SUV Concept stand out. It boasts sharp edges and a sleek look. A low roof, a pinched waist, and flush door handles. A funky, chunky rear with a distinctive C-shaped LED light signature. Attractive 21-inch wheels, pushed to the corner to improve aerodynamics. Ease of use has also been forefront in the designers’ minds: it has two charging ports – one on each side – to make charging easier.

Sit in it and you’ll not want to get out!

If the exterior suggests a different world, the interior suggests another galaxy. It boasts a dramatic octagonal steering wheel and a 14-inch curved central digital infotainment screen (both to ensure optimum visibility). A second, smaller digital dashboard display nestles neatly behind the steering wheel. Seating is made from recycled, plant-based materials. A glass roof lets the light in. Finally, a pièce de resistance from the French designers: an in-car personal assistant called YUI. Notably, all five occupants of the car can issue YUI directives or ask questions.

A concept car to turn heads

All concept cars are designed to catch attention – but most would look out of place on a city’s streets. Not the bZ Compact SUV Concept. It’s a concept car that you could easily imagine rolling up next to you at the traffic lights. In fact … it very well might! With the bZ Compact SUV Concept, Toyota is giving us a glimpse of what could be just around the corner in the bZ range. How exciting is that? Indeed, Toyota plans to introduce six models carrying the bZ brand by 2026.
With the full battery-electric bZ Compact SUV Concept we want to envision the future of carbon-neutral mobility. We are delighted with its dynamic performance, leading tech, and stylish appearance.
Vincent Dewaersegger, Senior Manager, Toyota Product Comm.