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Delivering Parts Promptly for 30 Years

Over 60 million parts & accessories a year reach our customers through Toyota Parts Centre Europe
Toyota Parts Centre Europe (TPCE) in Diest, Belgium celebrates 30 years as a cornerstone for our parts distribution operation in Europe. A dedicated workforce of 1,100 people distributes an extensive range and quantity of parts across the continent, always striving for customer satisfaction.

Delivering Toyota quality around the world

Since operations began in 1992, TPCE has grown into an expansive complex of 100,000 m2. It distributes 60 million parts and accessories via 13 regional depots to more than 2,400 dealers in 44 European countries, and via direct deliveries from TPCE to 625 dealers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the north of France. That brings the grand total of drop points to 3,000. In addition, TPCE is also delivering to other Toyota production regions around the world, including Japan, North America, Asia and others.

A commitment to customer satisfaction

We always strive towards 100% customer satisfaction and TPCE lives up to this philosophy. Our aim is that a dealer can order a part before 4 pm and receive it the next morning, via our in-night-delivery service. This creates a feeling of “zero” lead time for parts, which can vary widely in size and range, from the bumper to the tyre, from the timing belt to the smallest battery component. On average, around 250,000 parts and accessories are received and shipped each day, supported by more than 200 trucks entering and leaving TPCE.

Targeting sustainability and less waste

Like all our sites, TPCE puts sustainability at the heart of its business. Since 2010, the roofs at TPCE have been covered with 80,000 m2 of solar panels to generate electricity, and last year this achieved an annual saving of 212 tonnes of CO2. True to our commitment to accelerating opportunities to develop a fully sustainable circular economy, TPCE is also constantly improving and reducing the packaging used for its parts. This includes the possibility for dealers to return packaging for re-use.
“This year, we are not just celebrating the history of a building, but rather the history of hardworking, dedicated and committed people.”
Andy Sinton, Head of Parts Supply Chain at TME