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Toyota’s 20th anniversary of production in Poland

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP) began production in 2002
This year marks 20 years of Toyota's manufacturing operation in Poland, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP). 

Since 2002

Since starting production of manual transmissions in 2002, Toyota continuously expanded TMMP's capability with focus on electrified powertrain components as demand for its low-emission hybrid electrified vehicles has rapidly expanded*1. Total investments in TMMP's Wałbrzych and Jelcz-Laskowice sites increased 20-fold to 6,5 billion PLN and employment 11-fold to over 3400. TMMP works with more than 2200 suppliers in Poland.

Where everything started

Toyota’s first European production for its electrified vehicles started with the 1.8L e-CVT transaxle for the 4th generation hybrid powertrain at TMMP’s Wałbrzych site in 2018. By the end of 2021 total capacity of electrified drives had grown by 76%, enabling TMMP to supply Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech (TMMCZ) which started producing Yaris, the Car of the Year 2021 as well as Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) which began production of new Yaris Cross in addition to Yaris. TMMP also produces hybrid transmissions for Corolla and C-HR assembled at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT). 

Six hybrid production lines

Today, TMMP's 2 plants in Wałbrzych and Jelcz-Laskowice have total of 6 hybrid production lines – 3 each for hybrid engines and transaxles, on top of 3 lines for conventional petrol engine units. The components made at TMMP are built on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA)*2 at 4 vehicle assembly plants in Europe*3 as well as Toyota South Africa Motors. Last year TMMP also started the first European production of the MG1 electric motor, an integral part of the electric hybrid transmission.

Creating equal opportunities for all

A diverse workforce is needed to support this expansion and TMMP has focused on creating equal opportunities for all its employees. In terms of gender diversity, about 50% of new manufacturing hires are women. The number of women working in technical areas such as assembly, maintenance, engineering and casting, has been growing steadily - for example, every fifth member working in casting is now a woman compared zero in 2017.

The most female friendly company

‘Women's Faces (Kobiece Twarze)’, a plebiscite in the Lower Silesia region where Toyota plants operate named TMMP as the most female friendly company earlier this year. TMMP has also put in place its 'anyone for any member vision, reducing ergonomic limitations in the facilities and offering training and development programmes to the employees in order to open the door wider to candidates of diverse ages, genders, educational and professional background.


“Toyota in Europe is leading in fleet CO2 reduction thanks to our customers who choose our low-emission hybrid electrified models. We have grown hand-in-hand with the ever-increasing demand for electrified mobility while reflecting our community’s diversity on our workforce. We are proud of our transformation and what has made it possible: our employees' dedication combined with built-in quality and safety culture.”
Dariusz Mikołajczak, President of TMMP
Year Plant Milestone
1999 Wałbrzych

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP) established

2002 Wałbrzych Start of production 5-speed manual transmissions (first product in Poland)
2002 Jelcz-Laskowice Toyota Motor Industries Poland (TMIP) established
2017 Wałbrzych & Jelcz-Laskowice Merger of TMMP and TMIP
2018 Wałbrzych Start of production 1.8 hybrid transmission (first electrified component)
2019 Jelcz-Laskowice Start of production 2.0 L TNGA engine
2020 Jelcz-Laskowice Start of production 2.0 L TNGA engine
2021 Wałbrzych Start of production 1.5 hybrid transmission (2nd production line)
2021 Wałbrzych & Jelcz-Laskowice Starting production 1.5 L TNGA engine (2nd Production line)
*1: From January to September 2022, 66% of Toyota's European sales is hybrid models. Toyota Motor Europe is responsible for all Western, Central and Eastern European countries including Turkey and Russia as well as Israel and a number of Central Asian markets (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan).
*2: Toyota New Global Architecture is the global architecture in which all new Toyota models are currently designed. This platform stands for common principles for the construction of individual chassis types and bodies, as well as drivetrains for various models. Its characteristic feature is a lower center of gravity and a stiffer car body, which translates into a high level of passive safety and greater driving comfort.
From the production side, TNGA means designing automated production lines, and thus higher efficiency, a modular structure of the line enabling the production of various types of components or drives on one production line, as well as better work ergonomics and lower environmental impact.
*3:  Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech (TMMCZ), Toyota Manufacturing UK (TMUK) Burnaston, Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF), Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT)