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Deep dive with Toyota’s role models

Sustainable society needs innovation, and innovation needs diverse talents in the STEM field
Toyota Motor Europe (TME) hosted the ‘Back to School’ programme at its Technical Centre in Brussels in close collaboration with its social partners, Vlajo (Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen) and LJE (Les Jeunes Entreprises) that support young entrepreneurship in Belgium.

Discovery of STEM careers

Through this programme, 140 students aged between 13 and 18 from 7 schools discovered various aspects of STEM related careers in the last two months.

Our enthusiastic volunteers and role models welcomed up to 35 students for a day of immersive experience. TME role models explained various kinds of technical jobs they are doing in the automotive and mobility industry. Hands-on workshops and site tour gave a glimpse of what it is like to work in research and development.


“At Toyota, we aim to go beyond customers’ and our own expectations. For this goal, employee profiles associating STEM with social and emotional intelligence are key. We want to encourage youngsters to explore their curiosity, logical and analytical mindset, to have a constant desire to learn and embrace an engineering profession.”
Isotta Cerri, Head of R&D Material Engineering 1, TME

Feedback from students & teachers

A lot of positive feedback came back from the students and their teachers who participated.


“STEM is much more than you think - I discovered that during my fascinating visit at Toyota. I have found my way in STEM.”
Lille Onkelinx (Student at GO! Middenschool Halle, Brussels)
“The visit was very instructive and interesting, because it really showed us everything in the process of manufacturing a car.”
Senne Van Pelt (Student at St Ursula Lier, Antwerp)
“Many workshops were offered from engine testing to evaluation of smell in cars and material colours, visit at the testing circuit, scanning and 3D printing. The students could see, among other things, the unbelievable diversity of cultures and possible career paths in both functional and geographical terms, as well as the importance of languages. The Toyota role models and volunteers were very open and attentive to us. A big thank you to Toyota and its partners, Vlajo and LJE for this great day.”
Etienne Bauduin (Professor of Economics)

Isotta Cerri

Head of Research & Development Material Engineering 1, Toyota Motor Europe