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Toyota C-HR prologue

Iconic C-HR gets even more excitement and boldness
Since its launch, the Toyota C-HR has been recognised for its groundbreaking design and unique identity. Now Toyota is ready to share a vision of how it’s going to raise the bar by bringing even more excitement and boldness to the iconic C-SUV. 

A European development story

The current Toyota C-HR was born at ED², Toyota’s European Design Development headquarters in the South of France. It is also at ED² that the new Toyota C-HR prologue has come to life. The challenge for ED² was clear, though ambitious: to surpass what they had already achieved. The result is a first – but very real – vision of a car that will soon be turning heads on roads all around Europe. Much more than a simple concept, Toyota C-HR prologue makes very clear that Toyota is staying true to what made Toyota C-HR such a success. An outstanding car is ready to get even more attention.

Still a rebel… but now more sophisticated!

One glance at the Toyota C-HR prologue shows that the car has stayed true to its original DNA. But something has clearly been added for the next generation. Bigger wheels with shorter overhangs enhance the stance from all points of view. Static lines have evolved to express a subtly changing movement from sharp to fluid. The hammerhead face is part of a 3D architecture achieved with interlocking shapes and a bold lighting signature. Grill apertures shrink in size. Headlamps slim down to accentuate the high-tech identity. 

Before there was bi-tone. And now…

Toyota C-HR prologue brings a third colour accent of sulphur over a metal silver and recycled carbon black. From the very outset, it was designed to stand out in a tri-colour option. And stand out it does.

The car is also demonstrating Toyota’s commitment to carbon neutrality. We are now bringing a wider electrification offer for the largest and most competitive market segment in Europe: C-SUV. The new Plug-in Toyota C-HR with European assembled batteries, in addition to the hybrid version, will further strengthen Toyota’s multi-technology line-up.

“Our mission was to dig deep, to go further than we’d ever gone before. We’re really looking forward to delivering our new Toyota C-HR.”
Lance Scott, Design Director/Co-Gerant, Toyota ED2