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Unleash your imagination with Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Children from around the world are invited to sketch their dream car
When conceiving the cars of tomorrow, a dream is always the starting point, and when the future itself—children—get to experience it, the results are striking. From embracing diversity to implementing sustainable solutions - there are no boundaries to the imagination of a better society.

What’s your dream car?

If the future belongs to those who dream, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest - one of the largest art contests for children - is a great way to plant the seeds of future automobiles.

The competition, which was first held in 2004, gives contestants the chance to imagine and sketch their dream vehicle, providing children across the world with a tangible understanding of the value and joy of having dreams. In total, 6.7 million children from 100 different countries and regions participated over the years.

In the picture: "Inventor's Car" - Kawiphat Thonthaisong (Thailand / Age 7), 2022 winner of the “Ages 7 and Under” category

About the last edition

From March 2021 to February 2022, national contests were held around the world, with the winning artworks submitted to be assessed for the World Contest. In May 2022, art experts and automotive specialists from outside Toyota reviewed the entries and chose the award winners in three categories: 7 and under, 8-11, and 12-15. In addition, two Special Awards were given: the Waku-Doki Award, handed to the best drawing expressing the joy of car ownership and the fun-to-drive spirit, and the Mobility for All Award, given to the artwork capturing the idea that cars enable "freedom of movement for all people."

In the picture: “Cosmic Garbage Cleaning Truck” - Qingke Tian (China / Age 11), 2022 winner of the “Ages 8-11” category


"We felt that a different and more expansive view of the world was being created in the artworks. We were impressed by the fact that diversity is becoming more prevalent among children and that they see more into the future than adults. We also think that the works reflect the times well. We think it is important for children to see the world in which they ride in cars, envisioning various dreams. Considering that CG artwork also carry the fresh colours and dreams of children, we think it would be good to see a few more CG artwork in future."
General Evaluation of the 15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Onto the 2023 edition!

Following the success of last year's 15th edition, which attracted almost 530,000 children from 78 different nations/regions, the 2023 edition started on a national/regional scale in August 2022 and will end in March 2023. Participants can compete for a place in the World Contest, with winners being announced in June 2023. Everyone aged 15 and under is welcome to participate by submitting original artwork (hand drawing artwork, printed CG artwork) and/or digital data (photographing/scanned data of original artwork, CG data). Please keep in mind that the contest duration and conditions may differ between countries. 

If you want to participate, check the details with the TOYOTA distributor in your nation or region of residence.

We can't wait to see your most crazy and innovative car designs!

In the picture: “Toyota Dream Orchestra” - Ava Yeh (USA / Age 15), 2022 winner of the “Ages 12-15” category.

  • “Toyota Without Borders” - Valery Johanna Pinzon Latorre (Latin America, Colombia, Age 10)

    Winner of the 15th Mobility for All Award

  • “Lightning Flame Breather” - Reshav Sharen Pratap (Oceania, Fiji, Age 9)

    Winner of the 15th Waku-Doki Award