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Toyota Innovation Camp

Inspiring youth to succeed in innovation
Solutions for sustainability issues come from science-based creativity. We need young STEM* talents that can think outside of the box to create solutions for our future society. For Toyota as a mobility company, STEM is crucial for developing products and services and bringing them to market. To spark the future generation’s interest in STEM studies and equip them with entrepreneurial skills, Toyota Motor Europe and its partner JA Europe hosted the 2nd edition of the Innovation Camp in October.

What is Innovation Camp?

The Innovation Camp recruits secondary school students from across Europe who are willing to take up the challenge to develop solutions for sustainability issues facing our society. The 3-day event connects young bright talents with business mentors from Toyota’s workforce.

Each of the participating teams goes through 3 mentoring sessions, where the mentors help students to gain a clearer understanding of the key elements of innovation and problem-solving. The students go through an intensive problem-solving experience and also get the opportunity to learn to work with digital technologies as a team. On the last day of the event, each team pitches their project in front of the mentors, jury and the general public.

Innovation Camp 2022

The theme of the Toyota Innovation Camp 2022 was hydrogen society – the future of the automotive industry. Hydrogen can change the face of transport - and is poised to do even more. Move towards a hydrogen-based society can help reduce carbon emissions. 
10 teams made up of 52 students from 7 countries - Czech Republic, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine took up the challenge: how can you use hydrogen in your community to accelerate the energy transition and transform to a carbon neutral society?


Participating teams & their projects

  • Dreamers (Spain): Portable hydrogen-powered charger that allows everyone to recharge their devices 
  • English Forces (Ukraine): Create awareness about our battle against carbon emissions using hydrogen 
  • Hydro Team (Turkey): Energy system using hydrogen fuel cells for people living in the southern part of the country 
  • Hydrogenz (Portugal): Home hydrogen charging station that works with a versatile transport network
  • Hydroscope (Portugal): Transform hydrogen into energy to warm up houses and fuel cars
  • Outsiders (Ukraine): Hydrogen station to refuel rockets 
  • Revolution (Turkey): Air Condition system powered by hydrogen 
  • Team Batsfjord (Norway) WINNERS: Small town in the northern part of Norway can become the first fishing village with zero carbon emission by replacing diesel engines in the fishing boats with hydrogen fuel cells
  • Team MDF (France): Hydrogen charging station for smartphones, laptops and electric bikes supported by an app that locates the nearest ones where you can charge right now and visualises the carbon footprint  
  • Team Way To Go (Czech Republic): Hydrogen powered trains that work without traction lines 


“Through the Innovation Camp, we want to inspire and prepare the next generation to be successful in the global playground of the economy – and also competition - for sustainability. At the same time, partnerships like the one with JA Europe, are critical for us. We need to ensure that future diverse talent develops which can help us to solve future sustainable mobility challenges.”
Gerald Killmann, Senior Vice President Purchasing & R&D, TME
“I have four girls myself and I'm always challenged by their young mind. I’m always learning from you guys.”
Isotta Cerri, Head of R&D Material Engineering, TME

Missed the Innovation Camp 2022? It’s never too late!

You can catch up anytime here. 

*STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics