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Children’s dreams inspire tomorrow’s mobility

Every year Toyota invites children from all over the word to share their vision of dream cars
780 thousand kids from over 90 countries and regions took part in the 2022-2023 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. This year’s edition opens yet another chance for children to unleash their imagination of dream cars for a better society – and win a prize!

Planting the seed of tomorrow’s mobility solutions

Dreams are the starting point of every great invention, and children’s dreams have the power to bring a fresh perspective and help build a better society. Open to all children worldwide under the age of 15, Toyota’s Dream Car Art contest (TDCAC) has seen more than 8 million children participating since 2004. The aim of this contest is to encourage children all over the world to dream big and creative, and draw their innovative ways of thinking about future mobility. With several prizes on the table, young contestants go through two stages: the national contest and the world contest.

In this drawing: “Car full of Hope”, drawing from Jagoda Urszula (15 years old, Poland)

Inspiring solutions for today’s concerns

Every year, pencil in hand, children all over the world take part in the national contests, sharing their vision of future mobility though their unique concepts and designs. The winning artists move onto the global final contest, where art experts and automotive specialists outside Toyota choose the final winners considering their creations’ message, uniqueness, and artistic quality. The young participants’ designs portray various concerns in today’s society, and potential mobility solutions to solve them. 

In this picture: “Dream car”, drawing from Amir Armanuly (5 years old, Kazakhstan).

Congratulations to our national contests winners!


“I would like to say a big ‘arigatou’ (‘thank you’ in Japanese) to Toyota. This was a great opportunity to share my dreams of the future. I will probably buy a new upright piano, as music has always had a special place in my heart. I will also certainly buy a new set of watercolours and paint brushes. Toyota has encouraged me to never stop creating!”
Katie Moiseeva, Best Finalist prize winner.

2022-2023 Grand Prizes and Special Awards

In May 2023, for the 16th edition of TDAC, the jury selected the winners in three age categories (7 and under, 8 to 11 and 12 to 15) and 21 best finalists.  In addition, the Waku-Doki Award went to the drawing that best expressed the joy of car ownership and fun-to-drive spirit, and the Mobility for All Award was handed to the work that best depicted the idea that cars should provide freedom of movement to everyone.

Onto the 2023-2024 contest (17th edition)!

Again this year, the 17th edition opens the door to share dreams for future mobility to kids aged 15 and under with the possibility of winning up to $5,000 (and $10,000 their school – if applicable) at the world contest in March 2024.   

If you want to enter the World Contest with your digital or hand drawn artwork, contact a TOYOTA retailer near your home to check the entry period for the national contest as it varies by country.  

We are looking forward to seeing your most creative and innovative car designs!