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Full throttle into clean future mobility for everyone

Presenting a wide range of zero emissions mobility solutions to appeal our customer diverse needs
During this year’s Kenshiki Forum event our executives once again had the chance to present all the actions the company is taking to deliver its multi-pathway strategy. From new battery electric vehicles to the Hydrogen Factory and mobility solutions for Paris 2024, among others.

Understanding customers’ needs for the future.

‘We know the future needs to be carbon neutral and people live in very diverse regions’ was a key message during this year’s Kenshiki Forum event. Toyota Motor Europe is fully committed and on track to achieve full carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and as TME CEO, Nakata-san mentioned during the event, Europe is ahead of any other region in carbon neutrality. However, Toyota understands that the situation is different country by country, and in its aim is to be the best in town, to meet every community’s local needs by providing the best solution through our multi-pathway strategy.

Our latest achievements

As explained during our plenary, in spite our uncertain supply situation this year our forecast is to sell 1.17 million vehicles, 100K more vs last year, and next year start looks promising with an order bank of over 300K vehicles. With 8 ZEVs1 and more than 25 HEV2 and PHEV3 vehicles, we know the importance of BEVs4 in the mix. In Norway BZ4X is number 3 in segment and has a 15% of market, and the C-HR.

“Last year we highlighted a number of examples of what we’re doing to achieve carbon neutrality in our facilities… We’re also moving forward with Scope 3 carbon reduction. For instance, here in Belgium we are just about to start using hydrogen fuel cell trucks on four of our key logistical routes – including across borders in to France, Germany and the Netherlands. Not only does this approach reduce carbon emissions to zero but it also has the effect of stimulating the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.”
Said President and CEO of TME, Yoshihiro Nakata

More battery electrics to come

Toyota and Lexus presented new zero emission products: future BEVs, our hydrogen fuel cell modules and Hilux prototype, Toyota Professional electrified vehicles, like the new Proace Max, and other mobility applications were displayed during the event – the Lexus LF-ZC, a catalyst for physical and digital synergy, the Toyota FT-3e with digital displays running up the door with information like the battery charge, and the Toyota Sport Crossover, among others. Some of the new concept models will be manufactured using giga casting and a self-driving assembly line, to further reduce their carbon footprint.

A car lover’s BEV

Among the new concept reveals was the car that aspires to achieve what until now seemed impossible – to become a car lovers BEV. The FT-Se. A software defined vehicle to create immersive driving unique experiences incorporating the expertise gained in Toyota Gazoo Racing’s efforts to make ever-better cars through motorsports. However, this has not been the only thing our GR team has been up to. Also on display, was a GR H2 WEC concept to compete in the World Endurance Championships’ new Hydrogen category, and it was announced that an H2 combustion engine pilot programme using the HiAce van is taking place in Australia.
“Mastering quick manual shifting, with smooth clutch action, has always felt good. Why shouldn’t it be the case with an EV? Download your favourite engine sound and driving dynamics.And you could truly create your own unique experiences…all the while emitting only smiles. And these new experiences are only possible from a software-defined vehicle. Our new BEV architecture is the gateway.”
Said Chief Branding Officer, Simon Humphfries

Mobility for Paris 2024

As the official mobility partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) we aim to provide the best mobility solutions at Paris 2024, in line with Toyota's vision of Mobility for All. At Kenshiki we presented a selection of our products to be used during the event, some of which will remain in Paris as a legacy after the Games. The C+walk , Cwalk T, the wheelchair e-puller, the Mirai, and the Accessible People Mover (APM), which has been redesigned since its debut at Tokyo 2020 and is currently manufactured in Portugal.
1Zero emission vehicles
2Hybrid electric vehicles
3Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
4Battery electric vehicles