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Innovations to ensure mobility for all

Pioneering ground-breaking technologies that redefine mobility for diverse needs and dreams.
At Toyota, we strive to be at the forefront of the mobility industry. This mission makes us go beyond the traditional car-maker attitude and brings forward innovations that are inclusive and sustainable. New revolutionary technologies reflect our commitment to expanding the value of mobility to all. 

One-touch wheelchair fastening

Our team at Toyota is revolutionizing the mobility experience for wheelchair users through our one-touch fastening device. Traditionally, to board a bus, wheelchair users have to move into a designated spot where the bus driver can secure them in place. Collaborating with other manufacturers, we've developed a device that securely fastens wheelchairs to vehicles in just two seconds, eliminating personal frustration and time-consuming processes for users and drivers alike. Our goal is to make this device available for various vehicles, but also in ships and airplanes, to ensure stress-free mobility for all.

Up the stairs in a wheelchair

First showcased in 2022, the JUU is an electric wheelchair with an exceptional ability to navigate steps up to 16 cm tall while seated. Our innovative design includes a retractable "tail" and electric power steering motors (normally found in cars) that prevent the tires counter-rotation for support during ascent and descent. For the next generation’s model, we plan to incorporate car components for enhanced safety and reliability. The JUU empowers unaided wheelchair users to explore previously inaccessible places, unlocking new possibilities for independent mobility.

The shops on your doorstep

Our e-Palette represents the pinnacle of autonomous mobility services. With a spacious interior that adapts to various needs, the e-Palette can bring the shops to your doorstep. Equipped with advanced autonomous driving technology, these mobile stores target to cater to people in remote areas and those with travel constraints, offering a glimpse into a future of accessible and diverse mobility services. 

Technologies Expanding the Value of Mobility

Our commitment to "Mobility for All" goes beyond mere slogans; it's a driving force behind our pursuit of innovative solutions. At Toyota, we are dedicated to turning challenges into opportunities and making dreams come true through the power of technology. We envision a future where we are not just a carmaker, but a mobility company that leaves no one behind.