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New Toyota C-HR to be built in Turkey

Sakarya becomes Toyota’s first European plant to produce plug-in vehicles and batteries
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey is to become Toyota’s first European plant to produce plug-in-hybrid vehicles and batteries. The Sakarya plant will produce the new Toyota C-HR plug-in hybrid, and be equipped with a new plug-in hybrid battery assembly line to make 75,000 batteries per year.

Two firsts cause celebrations in Sakarya

Loud cheers resonated throughout the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT) plant in Sakarya recently. The cause of this delight was the exciting announcement that the plant is to produce the second generation Toyota C-HR, including the plug-in hybrid. The C-HR will thus be the first plug-in hybrid passenger car to be produced in Europe. In addition, Sakarya will be equipped with a battery production line – another first for Europe. “This project once again confirms that our Sakarya production facility is a globally important place for Toyota,” said a thrilled Erdoğan Şahin, TMMT President & CEO.

New battery assembly line to be constructed

At Sakarya, TMMT will build a new plug-in battery assembly line with a capacity of 75,000 units per year. Plug-in hybrid battery assembly will start in December 2023, creating around 60 new skilled jobs. The new battery assembly line in TMMT is a strategic milestone for Toyota’s electrification transformation. It will also support other Toyota Europe plants in the future with capable manpower and know-how. For the production of the new C-HR, TMMT will improve and expand the existing production line at Sakarya.

Sakarya plant becomes even greener

Toyota is committed to achieving full carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040, and is targeting carbon neutrality in all its manufacturing facilities by 2030. TMMT is progressing towards this goal by introducing technologies which minimise energy consumption while at the same time, switching to renewable energy within the Sakarya plant. Two initiatives stand out in particular. One is the introduction of new paint shop technologies which minimise CO2 emissions. Another is the use of solar energy which aims to make the plant self-sufficient in its energy use. 
We are delighted that TMMT will produce the second-generation Toyota C-HR including the first plug-in hybrid vehicle in Europe. The outstanding performance and dedication which our TMMT employees deliver will make this new model a great success, just like its predecessor.
Marvin Cooke, Toyota Motor Europe Executive Vice President M