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Our pursuit of fun-to-drive BEVs

Our engineers infuse passion and innovation into creating BEVs to inspire emotional connections
We aim to revolutionise EVs with eco-friendly and thrilling battery electric vehicles (BEV’s). We want to create next-gen cars that embody automotive passion. At a Technical Workshop in Japan, we showcased cutting-edge technologies designed to bring excitement and smiles to drivers' faces.

BEVs engineered with enthusiasm

Toyota envisions BEVs that transcend the mundane and become objects of affection. Our engineers pour their passion into crafting driving experiences that resonate emotionally. The focus is on creating connections between drivers and their cars, even in the absence of a traditional engine and gearbox setup. The manual BEV, with its skilful reproduction of a manual transmission through motor control, evokes nostalgia and thrill, while a customizable BEV offers driving experiences tailored to suit drivers' moods and preferences.

Intuitive driving innovations

We push the boundaries with driving innovation such as our "steer-by-wire" technology featured in the Lexus RZ. This system replaces mechanical connections with electrical signals, resulting in more intuitive handling and increased design possibilities. The futuristic aircraft controls add to the excitement and anticipation of the driving experience, inspiring a sense of adventure for the road ahead.

Downsizing for performance

We aim to enhance performance and interior space by downsizing the drive systems in BEVs. The compact eAxle leverage technologies, a collaborative project with BluE Nexus, have been cultivated for hybrid vehicles (HEVs), including lubrication design and fluid analysis technologies, reduced PCU condenser capacity, and improved cooling performance. The motor is roughly 40% smaller than that of a hybrid, while the gear train and inverter are slimmed down by 53% and 58% respectively. These improvements lower the cargo area floor by 70 mm, freeing up 50 litres of additional interior space.

AI-powered designs

We also embrace the power of artificial intelligence (AI). It helps designers create attractive car designs that efficiently balance aesthetics and aerodynamic performance, allowing them to generate design images quickly and reduce the time spent on technical analysis. The integration of AI technology also supports designers' ideas in creating unparalleled interactions for a more personalized and enjoyable driving experience for every passenger. 
“As the ways people use cars change, going for a drive still excites, thrills, and brings smiles to our faces... BEVs created by carmakers must inspire such emotional attachments.”
said Hiroki Nakajima, EVP & Chief Technology Officer Toyota