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Toyota Virtual Plant Tour open for all

Experience the wonder and craftsmanship of Toyota's manufacturing plants
We launched a virtual tour of our manufacturing plants. Visitors can experience the wonders of the Toyota manufacturing lines, watch narrated videos demonstrating the care and craftsmanship behind every vehicle, and hear directly from Toyota's highly skilled and dedicated production employees.

From rolls of steel to a finished car

Visitors can now go behind the scenes to see how Toyota transforms metal into road-ready vehicles by taking the new Toyota Virtual Plant Tour. You can learn how Toyota produces component parts and assembles vehicles, all with precision, innovative focus, and a customer-first mindset. See what it takes to achieve beautiful styling, from production methods and quality check through a human touch and discover various new processes that are reducing environmental impact and improving quality. The virtual tour also covers overviews of the engine production process, including the casting process and vehicle assembly, a Toyota Production System overview, and more.

Better than the real thing

In in-person plant tours, visitors could only see the assembly process. The virtual plan tour now allows visitors to view the entire process, from materials procurement up to the car’s completion, including stamping, welding, painting, assembly, inspection, and shipment. Also, the immersive visuals draw you right into the production process, showing even the faces and hand movements of line workers. For safety reasons, in-person visitors could only view this work from a distance.

Just a click away

For this project, we were meticulous about user-friendliness from the tour participant’s perspective. For example, while the full production process is very long, visitors can view it by simply scrolling through the screen. For those who wish to know more about manufacturing, we’ve included information about topics ranging from forging and casting to TPS (Toyota Production System). Visitors can tour the plant according to their interests, through the stories of the frontline workers and many others who underpin the various aspects of car making.
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