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Toyota Parts Centre Europe welcomes Heroes of Logistics

Challenge accepted: students present solutions to real-life problems in the logistics sector
The Heroes of Logistics project invites students to solve real-life problems in the logistics sector, with this year’s challenge being “how can we guarantee customers are delivered the right goods with no delays?”. Three months of students working hard on their proposals led to a day full of inspiration, pride and fun. 

Window of opportunity: empowering students from underserved communities

The Heroes of Logistics, a TPCE and Vlajo (Flemish Young Enterprises) collaboration, aims to support students from underserved communities by building a bridge between their education, the job market and plans for the future. Applying their knowledge and creativity to the project, students from high schools across Flanders, Belgium stepped up to meet the challenge and devised innovative ways to improve the operational process in a shipping warehouse. In the end, 10 teams were shortlisted to present their solutions in front of their peers and a 3-member jury at TPCE.   

The challenge: tools to optimise deliveries and avoid shipping delays

Shipping of parts is a multi-step and -team process. An issue within any part of the ‘chain’ can lead to overstock on conveyors, disruptions in pick-up times and ultimately, delays in the departure of the trucks delivering the goods. Setting-off a domino effect, this could mean that the customer will not receive the part in time, having to further postpone, for example, their car maintenance or reparation, or getting an accessory needed for a holiday trip.

It was this scenario students were tasked with to ‘prevent’ through solutions that ensure all ordered parts are delivered to customers on time.

“The visit to the TPCE and their warehouse site is ideal for me as a logistics teacher to let the students link the lessons theory they learn to the real-life practice.“
Kiona De Witte, teacher at GO! Handelsschool – Aalst

A well-deserved applause for all

With no lack of problem-solving skills, students from the 10 teams presented their ideas with pride and conviction. From opening a new branch in an area with more logistical capacities (for example, with trains) to utilising empty truck trailers to store goods, the jury was impressed by the various proposals that could be applied to the logistical operations. After an extensive deliberation, the jury returned with the verdict: the winning team were students from OLVE Mortsel, for their solution to deploy an extra team to speed up the shipping process and provide internal training on best practices.

We congratulate all the participating students for their creativity, hard work and motivation!

“Thank you for the award of Heroes of Logistics. We won it today thanks to Vlajo. If you have an idea, go for it! Healthy stress is normal. But be yourself and everything will be fine."
Zinedine Chair, Lino Van Aubel, Erdjan Gusani, winning team