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Meet the Mirai European owners

Mirai: 0% emissions. 100% visionary
Toyota has a proud history of disruptive and visionary thinking: pioneering the first ever mass-produced hybrid in 1997 and going further by introducing the futuristic hydrogen powered Mirai in 2014. Going strong since its launch, Mirai is fully electric though doesn’t need any recharging, using its unique fuel cell stack to generate electric power, with absolutely no emissions.

Changing the way we drive

As more and more people embrace the Mirai vision, hydrogen is not a distant possibility and the future is finally here. We have met with some of the first Mirai owners to understand their vision on future of mobility and how the pioneering Mirai technology helps us move closer towards a hydrogen society. Mirai has at its heart a unique and avant-guard technology, which caters to very different customer profiles: from those embracing the renewable energy cause, those working to building hydrogen infrastructures, those using the Mirai in their everyday life, to a mom raising the new generation of environmentalists.

Birgit Liodden - Norway

Birgit Liodden is the very first private Mirai owner in Norway and a passionate environmentalist, who decided to become part of the solution to the pollution problem in Oslo by embracing the hydrogen technology and using Mirai as her everyday car.

Robert Döring - Germany

Robert Döring is Head of Public Policy at Enertrag, one of the largest Europe-wide operating company in the field of renewable energy. The same way his company is one of the pioneers in its field, using Mirai as company car reflects the same spirit by its pioneering and innovative fuel cell technology at its core.

Ulrika Lindahl - Sweden

Ulrika Lindahl works as a project manager and development strategists at the municipality of Mariestad, a Swedish city that is largely investing in renewable infrastructure: 2 pre-schools completely run by solar cells and hydrogen, as well as a solar park connected to an energy system with a fuel cell station.

Nicolas Iwan - Germany

Nicolas Iwan is the managing director of H2 Mobility, an initiative which aims to build hydrogen infrastructure in Germany. Driving a Mirai helps Nicolas to support his cause and prove that hydrogen works and is in fact the future of mobility.

Jakob Kroksgaard - Denmark

Jakob Kroksgaard is one of the founders of H2 Logic, now part of NEL Hydrogen group which is active in building hydrogen refuelling stations. Driving a Mirai fits perfectly with Jakob’s professional occupation and is also his choice for everyday driving as it’s a sustainable, comfortable, and reliable car. In fact, Jakob has been driving his Mirai for over 77,000 kilometres and counting.