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  2. Toyota at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Ever better Mobility for All
After 20 years of hybrid leadership, we are committed to make Toyota hybrid ever more attractive to our customers. The new Auris introduces an all-new 2.0L hybrid powertrain for a more dynamic and engaging driving experience. Fun to drive is definitely our objective with the new AYGO, thanks to a distinctive new frontal design and improved performance for greater urban agility. The GR Supra Racing Concept is making the promise of bringing the legendary Supra back.

Start your impossible

  • At this year’s Geneva Motor Show Toyota reinforces its commitment to become a Human Movement Company, strongly linked to our Olympics and Paralympics partnerships and captured in our ‘Start Your Impossible’ message. Our objective to provide ever better mobility for all is reflected in the three battery electric vehicles: Concept-i, Concept-i RIDE and Concept-i WALK.

    Concept-i uses artificial intelligence and advanced connectivity in order to understand the driver’s habits and preferences. Its automated driving functions will make journeys easier, safer and more enjoyable. Concept-i

  • RIDE is a vehicle fully accessible for people with limited personal mobility, such as wheelchair users. Concept-i WALK is compact, adaptable and easy to manoeuvre, which makes it great for moving around pedestrian areas.

    Moreover, Toyota is working on the next generation hydrogen technology, which has been applied in the Fine-Comfort Ride. This fuel cell vehicle looks to the future of premium sedan design, with a range of over 1,000 km, fast refuelling and zero emissions.

The next generation of hybrid driving

  • Toyota has always prided itself on listening to its customers and responding to the feedback they provide. After 20 years of hybrid leadership and more than 11 million global sales, we are interested to keep improving our hybrids and make them more attractive to new types of customers. For this reason, starting with the new Auris, Toyota has decided to offer its core models with a choice of two hybrid powertrains: the standard 1.8 litre powertrain system, and the all-new 2.0 litre system that takes full advantage of the added ride comfort, stability, handling
  • and driving enjoyment inherent in the newly adopted Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform.

    Longer and lower than its predecessor, the new Auris adopts a significantly more dynamic design and more striking frontal styling. Overall length has increased by 40 mm, height reduced by some 20 mm, resulting in a sleeker shape and improved forward view.

More driving fun than ever

  • The new Toyota AYGO makes its world debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show with a reinforced youthful image and improved performance to make the smallest model of our range even more fun to drive.

    The model retains its iconic frontal 'X' signature, now transformed from a two-dimensional graphic into a more powerful, three-dimensional architectural element. The New AYGO has been tailored to appeal to the tastes and needs of different customers. x-play lies at the heart of the new AYGO and is the basis for all customisation options. The new high-
  • grade x-clusiv builds on the x-play standard specifications with a distinctive bi-tone paint scheme in a choice of three colours. In addition, two special edition models, x-cite and x-me, will refresh the AYGO range on a regular basis.

    The new AYGO features enhancements to its performance and improved driving dynamics for an even greater urban agility, whilst maintaining its class-leading fuel efficiency.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing: building ever-better cars

  • TOYOTA GAZOO Racing was launched as a brand last year with the mission of competing in motorsports and challenge ourselves to make ever-better cars for the road. Created by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, the GR Supra Racing Concept perfectly expresses the “fun to drive” quality that is intrinsic to Toyota’s commitment to making ever-better cars.

    Making its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the GR concept aims
  • to revive the name and spirit of the most celebrated model in Toyota’s illustrious sports car heritage and demonstrating Toyota’s commitment to bringing the legendary Supra back to the market. It also shows the future potential for a car that can deliver high performance both on road and on track. A compact, two-door car, the GR Supra Racing Concept has a pure front-engine/rear-wheel drive configuration and makes use of advanced lightweight materials in its construction.