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  2. Toyota presents: Driven the story of Damales Mukaka

Toyota presents: Driven the story of Damales Mukaka

What happens when passion meets change people thought were impossible? With education, family planning and tons of ambition, Damales Mukaka and her team change life by empowering women in Zambia.

Damales Mukaka is a nurse for Marie Stopes NGO in Zambia. Together with her team she strives to empower women all over the country, to help them choose their own path and inspire them to achieve their dreams. From the bustling city to the tiniest of villages. Damales brings empowerment to the remotest places of Zambia.

Strengthening youth empowerment and education in her country drives her to make an impact. An impact that changes not only the lives of individual women but the whole country and the world.

Driven is a storytelling series about the people and what drives them in their personal lives. A drive to win. A drive for perfection. A drive for adventure. Further episodes coming soon.

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