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Toyota presents: Driven

The story of Energy Observer
Energy Observer is a dream of a sustainable future turned reality. During a blackout at sea, professional sailor Victorien Erussard questioned his reliance on traditional energy sources to keep him going, and envisaged a way of becoming fully self-sufficient. Several years later, an Energy Observer is no longer a dream but a showcase of renewable energy.

Together with documentary filmmaker Jérôme Delafosse and the Energy Observer team, Victorien is now on a four-year odyssey for the future, aboard the first hydrogen vessel in the world. But how did a dream turn reality, and how do they draw energy from nature?

We follow the Energy Observer team on a stopover in Venice, a city that has become symbolic in its fight against a changing environment.

Driven is a storytelling series about people and what drives them in their personal lives. A drive to win. A drive for adventure. A drive for perfection. Further episodes coming soon.

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