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Breaking stereotypes on girls and STEM

Launching ‘Girls STEM the Future’ in partnership with JA Europe and Inspiring Girls International
Toyota wants to reflect European society’s diversity in its workplace, especially in STEM-related positions. The ‘Girls STEM the Future’ programme aims to inspire schoolgirls to explore careers in STEM areas through interaction with female role models from Toyota.

Women in STEM

At Toyota we want to increase the number of women in STEM related positions.

Data however shows that there are simply not enough women choosing STEM careers, in fact, only 18% in Europe (*1). Looking deeper, just 26% of schoolgirls are interested in STEM subjects. Studies have shown that this can almost double when kids have a role model ! (*2)

That’s why Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has launched its Girls STEM the Future programme aimed at bringing schoolgirls in direct contact with role models – women working in our company.


Through the Girls STEM the Future programme Toyota role models interact with schoolgirls in classroom sessions, on-site visits at our Research & Development centre, innovation camps and online video hub.
Ann Heylen, Role model at TME R&D

Did you mean STEAM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The actual scope of the programme is STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Even though the programme is called Girls STEM the Future, the activities include Arts which is key for car design functions.


Respect for people is key in our company’s philosophy. We aim to reflect the diversity of our society creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, safe, heard and contributes. With this programme we want to show young women the diverse and interesting opportunities that are available for them at Toyota.
Monica Perez Lobo, Head of Sustainability & ESG, TME

With JA Europe & Inspiring Girls

TME partners with JA Europe, the continent's largest education programme provider, and Inspiring Girls International, dedicated to raising young girls’ aspirations in order to reach as many schoolgirls as possible.


At Junior Achievement we believe in the power of entrepreneurial mindsets, in tackling the biggest challenges of our times. This includes using digital innovation and entrepreneurship in order to make the mobility sector more inclusive and to attract more young girls into STEM education and careers. With Toyota Motor Europe we will empower the next generation of Europeans with the skills to embrace the tremendous opportunities ahead.
Salvatore Nigro, CEO JA Europe
At Inspiring Girls, we believe passionately that every young woman should feel free to choose whatever she wants to do in life but we also know that there is dire under-representation of women in STEM fields. This partnership with Toyota Motor Europe is an exciting opportunity to introduce young women to a full variety of opportunities available to them in the automotive industry and inspire them to aim high!
Miriam González Durántez, Founder and Chair of IGI

*1 Eurostat, 2019

*2 Microsoft and KRC Research, 2018