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  2. KINTO introduces Toyota Mirai for car-sharing in Sweden

Democratize fuel cell technology

Since KINTO started its Swedish operations one year ago, the mobility service provider has grown rapidly to almost 1.000 cars in operation today, covering almost all segments with models ranging from Yaris Hybrid to RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid and Lexus UX 250h. With the introduction of the all new Mirai, KINTO Share aims to democratize the fuel cell technology and give all their customers the chance to experience the future of hydrogen mobility.
“Sweden is still a bit behind other European countries regarding the hydrogen re-fuelling infrastructure, which limits the usability of the technology. However, by introducing the Mirai in KINTO Share, we want to make the hydrogen technology available for all our customers, no matter if they need it for a 1-hour or a 3-months drive.”
Johan Lundblad, Head of Mobility at Toyota Sweden

Mobility For All

The cars are available in a new KINTO mobility station located at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and as all other KINTO-cars, bookable via the KINTO-mobile app. KINTO is part of Toyota’s global vision to provide all kinds of services related to the mobility of people, all around the world. KINTO Europe, established on 1st of April, was the latest step in the journey from mobility as a project to mobility as a business, with a view of truly delivering ‘Mobility for All’. In Europe, KINTO is already active in 10 countries: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Portugal and is expanding quickly.
“We strongly believe that making the new Mirai available for the public via KINTO Share is an important step towards the hydrogen society.”
Johan Lundblad, Head of Mobility at Toyota Sweden

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai was first introduced in 2014 in Japan and has been available in Europe since 2016. The second generation Mirai was launched in Europe earlier this year and is equipped with Toyota’s latest fuel cell technology, making it lighter, more compact, more efficient and even cheaper than before.

KINTO Europe

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