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100 Mirai at Nuit Blanche in Paris

Air Liquide and Toyota France partner at Nuit Blanche 2022 to showcase hydrogen mobility
During the 21st edition of Nuit Blanche in Paris in October 2022; a free hydrogen shuttle service was made available by Air Liquide and Toyota France. The Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles transported visitors between three emblematic places of the event.

Hydrogen Mobility Service

Air Liquide and Toyota, both sponsors of the Parisian ‘Nuit Blanche 2022’, were committed to offer a hydrogen mobility service for the 21st edition of this event. By providing free hydrogen shuttles, we could show, that we have a strong desire to participate in the development of clean mobility. Being both pioneers of hydrogen mobility and historical partners, we combined our respective know-how and provided visitors with free latest-generation Toyota Mirai shuttles powered by low-carbon hydrogen by Air Liquide. These vehicles circulated between three emblematic places of the event: the Charléty stadium, the City Hall and La Villette.

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Hydrogen as a solution already today

By providing this service we wanted to introduce hydrogen mobility, and demonstrate that the solutions to respond to the climate emergency and succeed in the energy transition exist already today. Hydrogen vehicles are electrically powered vehicles incorporating a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity. The result: zero CO2 emitted, all the advantages of electric mobility combined with a long range and fast recharging.

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Acting today while preparing for the future is also at the heart of Air Liquide's strategy. A pioneer and expert in hydrogen, the Group is a world leader committed to the large-scale production of low-carbon hydrogen and the development of its uses, both in industry and mobility.


"By offering sustainable mobility on the occasion of Nuit Blanche, a major event in Parisian cultural life, Air Liquide demonstrates its ambition to provide society with concrete solutions that meet both the climate emergency and mobility needs. Air Liquide has been a world leader in hydrogen for 60 years. Today, the Group is putting all its know-how into this molecule to succeed in the energy transition and the decarbonisation of the planet. This unprecedented partnership proves that by combining the skills of public and private partners, sustainable mobility is now possible and accessible.”
Matthieu Giard, Vice President & boardmember Air Liquide

"Génération Hydrogène"

Air Liquide's participation in Nuit Blanche is part of an innovation and educational approach to the general public to improve knowledge about hydrogen and its potential for the energy transition. On September 28, the Group broadcasted "Génération Hydrogène", a program dedicated to this molecule and its uses.
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Toyota is multiplying innovative initiatives to offer even more environmentally friendly mobility solutions, and promote the advent of a “zero emissions” world. We are convinced of the potential of hydrogen in mobility beyond the automobile with applications for trains, buses and boats, and more generally of its key role in the energy transition. Toyota is fully invested in democratising its use in our daily lives and confirming its relevance.


"Toyota champions the vision of a low-carbon, inclusive and responsible society. That's why we aim to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2030. The Toyota Mirai, a zero-emission hydrogen vehicle, is a magnificent symbol of our investments towards a better world."
Frank Marotte, President and CEO of Toyota France