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Humaniarian support for Ukrainian refugees

It is critical for children to keep up their education even in the most difficult times
Amongst a wide range of humanitarian support that our employees bring to the Ukrainian refugees, initiatives taken by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic (TMMCZ) continue to be an essential part.

Focus on education

The TMMCZ members focus on covering costs for classroom education and distributing IT equipment (laptops) donated by Toyota Motor Europe, as well as providing food. Kolin city, home to our Czech plant provides education overseen by Ukrainian and Czech teachers with TMMCZ's support. Right now in Kolin, there are 11 school groups caring for over 250 Ukrainian students.

140 laptops for teachers and kids

The donated computers go into the hands of not only the teachers but also the kids so they can take online classes. The IT equipment also allows the children to stay in contact with their family and friends who stayed in Ukraine. After donating 140 laptops so far, our Information Technology & Digital function is rising to the challenge of delivering further 50 laptops by the end of the summer - in advance of the new school year.

Back to school in September

The children are currently taking courses across Kolin city. The city and Toyota defy the challenge of limited locations suitable for schooling - for example, one of make-shift schools is in a fire station. However, TMMCZ has delighted us all at Toyota sharing that, from September, these children will be able to attend nearby schools!

Recently, we were rewarded by words from the Czech government thanking for our assistance when Monica Perez Lobo, Vice President Corporate Affairs & Sustainability and Simon McDermott, Vice President People & Innovation visited TMMCZ.